Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Simple 7 Tips To Make Your Life Happier

vastu for toilet and bathroom
vastu for toilet and bathroom

Vastu for toilet and bathroom can become a source of bad energy in a home. Regarding orientation and position, there are also recommendations and rules for the bathrooms and toilets.

Putting in the effort to construct a bathroom according to vastu rules, on the other hand, will pay off and may even turn it into your new retreat.

Every home should consult vastu for toilet and bathroom. You may make this place lend its charm to improve the overall vastu of the house by installing vastu-compliant toilets and bathrooms.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of vastu for toilets and bathrooms and some practical recommendations for making this place Vastu-compliant. 

So, let’s get started.

Vastu as per home

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What Is The Significance Of Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom In A House?

vastu for toilet and bathroom for east facing house
vastu for toilet and bathroom for east facing house

Before appreciating the vastu importance, you must first understand the distinction between a bathroom and a toilet room.

Toilets are where a toilet commode and wash basin are located. It is where we relieve ourselves. We frequently see them in restaurants and offices.

Apart from emptying oneself, bathrooms are more extensive and provide the facility and utility of bathing and changing.

In most homes, we find bathrooms with all of the necessary amenities. In the modern world, with a lack of space, a bedroom with an attached bathroom has become a notion. Well, this can be rectified by doing vastu treatments. 

A bathroom, as per vastu, is a must-have element in any home, no matter how modest.

Even if you can live without some pleasures, having a bathroom within your home is more needed. When we use the bathroom, particularly the toilet section, a substantial amount of negative energy is generated.

Because of this negativity, most bathroom visits appear to be tedious. Fortunately, vastu for bathroom and toilet can be fixed permanently.

The Importance Of Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom

importance of vastu for toilet and bathroom
importance of vastu for toilet and bathroom

Previously, it was suggested to have a toilet outside the home, as per Hindu beliefs and most ancient traditions. This way, it was done to ensure that negative energy did not poison the entire house’s energy field.

However, in today’s world, this is impossible, particularly in cities and towns, which are already overcrowded. As a result, having an adjoining bathroom or toilet is necessary for any property.

The vastu for attached bathroom and toilet in bedroom facilities have numerous advantages. It provides not only privacy and convenience but also superior hygiene.

However, following specific vastu shastra guidelines is required. Every house and workplace area should have a vastu for toilet and bathroom.

By following these principles, you may use this area without harming the home’s total vastu. Furthermore, it is also a myth that the kitchen and toilet should not be together. There are no adverse effects. 

The placement of the bathroom and its contents at random might have various negative consequences for the property’s residents.

These can manifest as financial difficulties or health problems. Excessive spending, cash flow issues, worry, anxiety, and the danger of accidents are all issues that the family may face.

These difficulties are probable unless the Vastu Doshas are successfully handled through vastu shastra for the toilet and bathroom.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Tips

Vastu tips for toilets and bathrooms also necessitate identifying the best guidelines for various factors. Below are some practical, vastu tips for bathroom and toilet that you can apply.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Placement

vastu for toilet and bathroom placement
vastu for toilet and bathroom placement

The optimal location for a bathroom vastu for east facing house or toilet is in the house’s South South West (SSW) zone, followed by the West North West (WNW) and East South East (ESE).

Refrain from placing the bathroom in the North East or South West zones. If you have an overhead water tank placed above the toilet in the wrong direction, it might create some problems in your life. 

This can generate adverse effects with profound implications. Also, never put a restroom close to a puja room or a temple.

If you have a separate bathroom for bathing, the home’s North, East, and North East zones are the best directions.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Door Placement

vastu for toilet and bathroom door
vastu for toilet and bathroom door

Another critical part of creating proper vastu for the attached bathroom and toilet is the bathroom door rules.

Make sure the toilet door is closed at all times. This helps keep negative vibes from spreading to other parts of the house.

Wood is thought to be the most significant material for achieving vastu advantages.

As long as the bathroom and toilet vastu door are in the correct zone, they can be positioned on any side of the room. However, it is recommended to place it on the eastern or northern wall. 

The bathroom doors are the subject of many myths. It entails constructing a single-frame bathroom door that opens inwards.

Vastu consultant, on the other hand, certifies that the frame structure and opening have no bearing on it.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Seat Placement

vastu for toilet and bathroom seat placement
vastu for toilet and bathroom seat placement

The Indian and Western toilet systems are the two types of toilet seats available.

You are free to choose any based on your preferences. Just ensure the correct placement of it. If placed in the wrong direction, a toilet can create problems in marriage

You may be wondering if the southwest toilet is good or bad. Read further.

Ensure the restroom is in the proper home zone, such as South South West (SSW), West North West (WNW) or East South East (ESE). Refrain from the toilet in the southeast corner.

According to vastu shastra, you can place the toilet seat wherever in the room. If you have a western toilet system, make it a habit to close the lid to improve vastu and hygiene after each use.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Windows Placement

vastu for toilet and bathroom window
vastu for toilet and bathroom window

Every bathroom should have a window or at least some sort of ventilation. This allows the negative energy within the region to exit. It also helps to bring some light into the room. Ensure the window or ventilator outside the building opens on an excellent vastu for the toilet and bathroom.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Water Facility Installation

vastu for toilet and bathroom washbasin
vastu for toilet and bathroom washbasin

The washbasin can be placed in the bathroom’s North, East, or North East zones. Apart from the taps, taking a shower has become a ritual.

Please place them in the same areas as the washbasin in the bathroom, as per vastu. If the study room is in the wrong direction, you will not feel like studying and won’t remember what you read. 

The same is true if you have a bathtub in your bathroom. The water outlets should be placed on the bathroom vastu for north facing house or East sides of the bathroom.

Ascertain that the space is free of water. To achieve this, make sure the bathroom flooring is slightly slanted.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Equipment Installation

vastu for toilet and bathroom geyser
vastu for toilet and bathroom geyser

To make the bathing experience more comfortable, modern bathrooms are equipped with geysers and other electronic appliances such as hair dryers.

Because these are usually heating devices, proper placement, according to vastu, is essential.

Ensure that any spilt or splattered water does not come into contact with any electronic switches, plugs, or exposed wiring. 

You can also use vastu remedies for toilets in the south direction with the guidance of a vastu consultant.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Interiors

choose grey, white and cream colours vastu for toilet and bathroom
choose grey, white and cream colours vastu for toilet and bathroom

You should choose the colours according to the bathroom vastu zone. Only use cream colour in the South-South West bathroom. Grey, white, cream, or blue can be used in a West North West bathroom.

You can use either cream or green in the East South East bathroom. For obvious reasons, the bathroom walls are always splattered with water. As a result, make sure to install tiles in a considerable area.

Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom Mirror Placement

vastu for toilet and bathroom mirror placement
vastu for toilet and bathroom mirror placement

Make sure to brighten the space before hanging a mirror in the bathroom. Mirrors shouldn’t be placed in dark areas because doing so is unlucky.

The mirrors should be placed in the bathroom on the north or east walls.

Always place the mirror on the east or north wall if you want to arrange the bathroom mirror according to Vastu.

The round-shaped mirror would be an excellent choice for your bathroom. Therefore it would be great to use.

Conclusion Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom

We all strive to save money when building a house or redecorating bathrooms, and we should stop doing so now.

A toilet may appear insignificant, yet it plays such a vital part in the well-being of your home and the people who live there that an excellent vastu tip for the toilet may completely transform your home.  

For more vastu tips and guidelines, get in touch with our top vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall.

He is the best vastu consultant in India and provides vastu advice related to home, office and factory issues. For further inquiries, visit our website

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FAQ's Related To Vastu For Toilet And Bathroom

There is no relevance in facing any particular direction while sitting in the toilet. You can sit in any direction as per your preference.

Yes, a bathroom can be situated under the stairs of your house. But it should be in the direction which allows for a toilet such as south of south west, west of north west, and east of south east.

Yes, the pooja room can be placed next to a toilet in your house. Make sure that the pooja room should be placed in south west, south south west, west north west, and east south east.

According to vastu shastra, there is no relevance in placing a toilet in the direction of your bathroom. the correct method is to place a toilet in the south south west direction of your house.

Keeping salt in a bathroom is a myth. In the bathroom, salt gives no results. Salt is used in the space purification technique of Panch Vastu. Sea salt is spread on the house floor and left like that overnight. The salt is collected the following day and thrown in a lonely place. Salt absorbs all the dullness of your house and makes it vibrant. This method is not used more than once a month.

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