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vastu for home

Vastu For Home

Our home is heaven, where we live happily with our loved ones. Practising Vastu for home is considered to bring peace and prosperity. A good Vastu determines your quality of life and ensures to eliminate all the negative energies from your house.

Panch Vastu for your home ensures that beneficial vibrations are channelled and all the negative vibrations are removed from your house.

Vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall helps identify the factors that create energy imbalance in your house. Energy imbalances can lead to severe issues in your life. With Panch Vastu’s Vastu for Home, you won’t encounter any health issues among the family members, financial problems, children facing lack of concentration and degrading marks, relationship problems, and much more.

Eliminate all your worries with our specialist in the field Abhishek Bansall who provides valuable guidance and remedies to make your home a homely heaven. At panch Vastu, we analyze the presence and balance of cosmic energies in your house after studying the Vastu house plan. We provide the best-in-class Vastu solutions to make your home a beautiful and peaceful place to live and cherish.

After a long day at work, the bedroom is one of the places in the house where one expects to unwind and enjoy a good night’s sleep. The correct positioning of the bed and other furniture is essential, according to the vastu shastra.

Kitchen is a term that refers to a collective activity which provides nourishment to all the members of the family. It is a fire activity. The essential meaning of the vastu for kitchen can be understood to be symbolized and contained by the

Do not think the store room is less important than other rooms in the house. The purpose of the vastu for storerooms is to accumulate various household articles likely to be used in the future. Anything that is not being used presently is normally

Since Devtas represent different powers, the ideal place for their worship has to be located accordingly. Vastu for the Pooja room is essential in facilitating peace and prosperity.


The drawing is an integral part of the house that determines whether it is suitable for a living—the house area where the members spend most of their time and where guests are entertained.


The dining hall is where you receive food and enjoy it. So its location should be such that it should facilitate the digestion of food and enable people to enjoy their meals. A vastu for the dining room also symbolises the fulfilment of your

Faithfulness and loyalty from your domestic help are influenced by the location of his room in the house. Commonly, people employ domestic help permanently and provide them with accommodation, usually located inside or on the terrace of their home.

The purpose of the living room in a house is to provide a space for the family members to share their feelings, day-to-day activities, and other matters of common interest.

Nowadays, people prefer a dedicated space for consuming or serving alcoholic drinks. A bar is quite common in modern housing planning and should be according to vastu for the home bar. This is the place where alcoholic beverages are stored.

When it comes to their child’s life, no parent can afford to take a chance; similarly, no parent can expect to take an opportunity to build a room for their children. Having a vastu for a study room helps a child’s ability to concentrate.

A water tank is an essential resource for meeting daily water needs. The most important source of life is water. Human civilization has thrived in the presence of water sources from the dawn.

Family bonding and value systems are the most critical factors in social institutions in all cultures worldwide. If family bonding and value systems are distorted, life becomes depressing and dislocated. It gets filled with insecurities.

As per Vastu Shastra, every emotion within you is formed by the energy emitted through your home’s 16 zones or directions. The five elements (Panchtattva) regulate these zones – Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky. These factors are responsible for producing a peaceful environment

Stress can take many forms and present itself in a variety of ways. It is critical to deal with it as soon as possible before it takes a toll on one’s life. Following some vastu for depression principles by panch Vastu helps you stay healthy and avoid

The location and position of septic tanks hold great importance, as septic tanks reduce the zone’s strength if incorrectly located. Vastu for a septic tank is crucial and best understood as a ‘place of disposal.

Pregnancy is a significant moment in a woman’s life that drives the couple toward parenting. However, many couples have problems conceiving due to female or male infertility issues. The worst-case scenario is when the medical cause.

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