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Vastu for theft and leakage

Vastu For Theft and Leakage

Most factories with warehouse components lose money due to inventory pilferage caused by internal employees stealing from the warehouse. Because the remedies are subjective and function case-by-case, Vastu does not have a specific formula for making a factory theft-proof.

Panch Vastu does not claim that Vastu is a substitute for implementing standard security precautions against robberies and thefts. You still need to lock your house or workplace, set alarms, install cameras and station guards at the gate, and take other precautions.

Vastu Tips To Prevent Thefts

Some of the vastu guidelines which can help you safeguard your factories and offices are listed below:

    • The ideal entrance locations are E3 and E4 if the property is east-facing. If you have entrances in any other direction will negatively impact you.


    • Fire balance should be ensured for the entire building. If it is an imbalance, then it will affect your security.


    • Avoid the construction of toilets in the southeast. It will harm the security of the occupants and the building.


    • If your factory building has an entrance in the direction of east or South East at E7, it leads to theft. The Elemental Strip Technique can rectify it.


  • If the direction of the South East is cut in your building, put a Zero watt red bulb in this direction and leave it on continuously to nullify the effects of the weak South East direction.
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