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Vastu for Profits

Vastu For Profits

Running a business is a massive task in and of itself. To expand and prosper in business, one must overcome numerous obstacles. The primary purpose of any business is to make a profit. However, not all business owners are successful in doing so. There are various explanations for this, with Vastu Dosha being one of the most common. You can detect the issues at your factory’s site with the help of the best vastu consultant and correct them through effective remedies.

At Panch Vastu, every factory is unique in its function, process, and products. Regulating heating treatments to obtain the desired products may be the most crucial step in one business. Maintaining cooling temperatures in another and controlling the quality of raw materials may be the most critical step in another company.

Below are some practical vastu tips for boosting profits for your business.

Vastu Tips For Profit

    • The overall fire balance is necessary; if not taken seriously, the fire imbalance will create trouble for you. Avoid applying blue, black, and grey colours in the fire zone.


    • West is the zone of gains and profits. Therefore, an absolute balance of this zone is necessary. The energy of this zone ensures that no action or effort you make goes waste. This zone gives the employees the power to work tirelessly and the agility to work with speed.


    • Ensure the balance of East South East for better productivity in your factory. If this zone is depressed, it will result in thoughtlessness. You won’t be able to take up any actions.


    • Furthermore, ensure space element balance. To ensure this, avoid red and green colours in the west.


    • The entrances of your factory should be in favourable locations. Entrances 3 and 4 are considered to be the best entrances. They promote money, growth, and prosperity.


    • The N8 entrance is the only exception that provides a higher bank balance.


  • Place mountain scenery in the west. Also, keep in mind that the picture should have a black frame.
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