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vastu for servant room

Vastu For Servant Room

Faithfulness and loyalty from your domestic help are influenced by the location of his room in the house. Commonly, people employ domestic help permanently and provide them with accommodation, usually located inside or on the terrace of their home. Ideally, the location of a servant’s room should be such to awaken loyalty and honesty in them. 


Varying through different zones, a vastu for servant room produces other effects. The table shows the relationship between the location of the servant room in your home and their behaviour towards you. 

Vastu Tips For Servant Room

With the help of Panch Vastu, you can ensure that your servants work with a positive attitude and in a reliable manner for you. 


  • North East – This is a good zone for a servant room. A servant in this zone tends to forget even simple things but still stays with you.

  • East North East – Servants residing in this room are fun-loving. They tend to keep the atmosphere of the house cheerful.

  • East – A servant room in this zone leads to lots of his idle relatives visiting him regularly, which leads to wastage of the servant’s time. So ideally, the room should not be in this zone.

  • East South East – A servant residing in this room has little understanding of things but stays longer with the family. They tend to lie.

  • South East – Servants residing here are always busy executing their jobs. They are quite loyal and content with what they get instead of their services. This is an ideal place for a servant room.

  • South South East – This room gives impetus to a servant to do his work fast and efficiently. He will be an added strength for the family members. 

  • South – Servants in this room expect due recognition and appreciation for their work. They value self-respect more than money and try to act loyal. So it can be placed here.

  • South South West – A servant room in this zone leads to health problems for the servants. They find themselves unable to relate with the family and start feeling like they are not good enough and are a waste. 

  • South West – This room helps the servants sharpen their skills. They discover ways to carry out their work more effectively and efficiently. Overall, it’s a good place for a servant’s room. 

  • West South West – Again, this is a good place for a servant room as it will help them improve their skills by repeated practice. They will focus more on learning something new and upgrading their knowledge base. 

  • West – Only cooks would be accommodated in this zone.

  • West North West – This zone makes its occupants complain and cry over trivial issues vis-a-vis their job, employer, and life, but they do not leave the job and run away. 

  • North West – Servants occupying this room always have one thing or the other going on in their minds, but they always stand in your support.

  • North North West – Servants residing here will not stay for long with the family.

  • North – In this zone, the servants become quite conscious of better career opportunities. They always look for better job opportunities fetching them more money. This is not a suitable placement.

  • North North East – Servants residing in this zone stay on but focus more on their health than on their employers. Overall for a more extended period, they develop weak immunity. So, it can be placed here. 

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