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Vastu for production

Vastu For Production

Panch Vastu helps you to utilize the maximum production capacity in your industry. It has been proved in more than 1500 cases in which Panch Vastu has managed to curtail the machines’ breakdowns and made them achieve the maximum production capacity. Our vastu solutions apply to industries such as steel, garments, textile, hardware, printing, packaging, petrochemical refineries, and many more.


Panch Vastu has managed to achieve the maximum production capacity of the industrial unit without relocating the machines and boilers. The knowledge of five elements is another vital factor that needs to be considered for making the best production. Furthermore, the overall fire balance is necessary; if not taken seriously, the fire imbalance will create trouble for you. Apply the Panch Vastu advice below to ensure that your industry generates maximum production per the installed capacities.


Vastu Tips For Production

  • The S4 entrance of your building should be open. This is to ensure that industries in such plots are highly successful. A factory situated at this entrance provides greater productivity.

  • For a successful production, you need to balance the North West zone. This zone enables any form of help and support for future use. The energy generated by this zone attracts support and helps people for any cause you pursue. 

  • The balance of the South West zone is essential to ensure optimum productivity in your factory. The energy of this zone gives much-needed sharpness to all your skills, which helps generate productivity.

  • The overall fire balance is necessary. If not taken seriously, the fire imbalance will hinder the production process. Avoid applying blue, black, and grey colours in the fire zone.

  • The North East is the zone of the mind. A balance of this zone is necessary for your business’s success and production.

  • Ensure the East and South East balance for better productivity in your factory. If this zone is depressed, it will result in you won’t be able to take up any actions. 

  • West is the zone of gains and profits. Therefore, an absolute balance of this zone is necessary. The energy of this zone ensures that no action or effort you make goes waste. This zone gives the employees the power to work tirelessly and the agility to work with speed.

  • To increase factory production, place 12 red horses in the South zone facing the centre of the building. To maintain discipline manage the south zone.

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