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Vastu for Brand Positioning

Vastu For Brand Positioning

Vastu for brand positioning outlines how a company varies from its competitors and where or how customers perceive it. As a result, a brand positioning strategy entails instilling brand associations in customers’ thoughts to influence how they view the brand.

A well-designed logo communicates direction, faith, energy, and significance. It also provides value to your brand equity. Therefore it should be Vastu appropriate to ensure that. Your company logo is the primary point of contact between you and your audience. It distinguishes you from your competitors by identifying your products or services to your customers.

According to Vastu shastra, the colours you choose depend on your business type. Green and blue are relaxing colours. Therefore if your business is in the pharmaceutical industry, these colours are highly recommended. The brand positioning depends significantly on the choice of colours, your logo, and how you carry that forward. You should pay special attention to that.

Vastu Tips For Brand Positioning

There are different vastu tips for specific brand positioning problems. Some of the vastu tips to correct your brand value are given below:

    • Balance the South zone. It is, however, essential to balance all fire zones.


    • Place your company logo and red elephant in the South direction.


    • Balance east zone for effective connectivity with customers


  • Balance the northwest zone to get support from target customers
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