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Phychic Number 5

Psychic And Numerology Number 5

Numerology Number 5 – The planet of number 5, Mercury, is symbolic of speed, communications, changeability, temperament, writing, talking, travel, contracts, and radio. It stands for law and new experiences. It shows change, travel, and new friends and  is detached from everything. This number demonstrates an interest in art, religion and religious institutions. It is rapid in nature, careless in action and speculative in temperament. Above all, it demands freedom of movement. This number represents salesmanship and research; it seeks present happiness and cares little for cost or consequence. 

The planet “MERCURY rules people born on the 5, 14 & 23rd of any month”. Mercury is also called the prince of our solar system. These people are very charming, adorable, and good-looking, have beautiful features and impressive personalities, and are punctual, versatile, highly intuitive, constructive & adaptable. They are unique and attractive as they have youthful & fertile brains. They also like to travel and explore new things. If these people meditate, their intuition level will rise to a different level. These people are highly talented and get opportunities very often. 

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