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Manifests Your Dreams

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Phychic Number 3

Psychic And Destiny Number 3

Numerology Number 3 – The planetary equivalent of the number 3 is Jupiter, which symbolises good fortune, success, fame, material comfort, and happiness. It represents the law of love and affection. It deals with people and reigns over family life and social contacts. This is the number of expressions: it brings both the intellect and the intuition to play in the various fields of art. A joyful number, it gives the opportunity for play and entertainment. It is both hopeful and wishful in  Number 3 people are very expressive in their thoughts and deeds and very joyful.

People who share their date of birth as 3, 12, 21 & 30th of any month are ruled by the planet Jupiter”. These people are very confident, bold, powerful, courageous, fully expressive, highly educated & knowledgeable, talented, highly creative & masters of communication. They have reasonable control over spoken words. They are outstanding in marketing, highly ambitious and interested in social activities.

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