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Influence of 5 Elements

Influence of 5 Elements​

The causative nature of the five elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space is the key to the study and practice of PanchVastu.  

The foundation of PanchVastu is Sankhya Darshan (Indian Metaphysics), which is the basis of all Indian sciences like YogaAyurveda, Tantra and many more. The entire Universe, whether it is stars, planets, moons, or any form of life, is made up of these five elements. In buildings, each direction is dominated by one element – a balanced state being the cause of positive and an imbalanced state the cause of adverse effects. 

The balance or imbalance among these Panchtattva makes one’s Space a virtual heaven or hell. 

An underground water tank in South Zone will cause anxiety, fire accidents, restlessness and disturbed sleep. Similarly, the Fire placed in the North Zone (Zone of Water) will block new opportunities, receipt of payments and lack of orders, as they are attributes of this Zone. These examples show how an imbalanced state of elements in a building creates problematic real-life situations. 


It is associated with the conception of new ideas, clarity of thoughts, creation of new vision, new opportunities in your life, healing energy, immunity and restoration of health. Water dominates the North direction in buildings. 

Balanced State- When Water is balanced in a building, the people in such structures can see the larger picture of life. Though their attitude towards life becomes spiritual and philosophical, they are, at the core, essentially worldly beings. 


Air represents growth in your life. It is also associated with movement, especially rotational motion, bringing refreshment, fun, joy and happiness. This element dominates the East. The Chinese call it the Wood element. 

Balanced State- Air gives you the courage to try new things, take risks for your growth and explore your inner-self. You get to meet people who pave the way for your development, and you perform impressively. 


Fire is the driving force behind all life processes and thus is equated with money in the modern era. It can transform your life with confidence and enthusiasm. South is the direction of Fire. 

Balanced State- In its balanced state, Fire brings fame and recognition among the masses. It gives you zeal, power, strength, confidence and money, which become the driving force behind life and its processes. 


Mother Earth provides stability, and this element imbues balance, infinite patience and maturity in character. It dominates the centre and diagonal directions in every built-up Space. 

Balanced State- When balanced, this element induces stability in your life – your career, behaviour, relationships, or results of your efforts. It encourages peace and harmony in the entire world, especially blood-related ones. 


Space represents expansion, enhancement, extension, spread, communication and even thought process (Mental Space). Space dominates the Western direction. The Chinese call it the Metal element owing to the perfect space configuration in metals (Atomic Structure). 

Balanced State- In a balanced state, Space gives you the charge of your destiny. It gives you a sense of direction and the ability to get organised, ensuring that you excel in everything you do. Space gives you the knowledge and awareness to understand new, creative, beneficial ideas. 

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