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Vastu for Marketing

Vastu For Marketing

Marketing is the core of any corporate industry which entails brand awareness, company goodwill, product awareness, the company’s reputation, an increase in sales, and so on. A good marketing strategy is essential as it improves decision-making and sets better goals for your business.

There are inevitable marketing mistakes that most the strategist and corporates make, which are listed below:

  • No clear strategy
  • Lack of resources
  • Poor marketing strategy
  • Inability to adapt to new trends
  • Generating leads
  • Budget
  • Reaching global audience
  • Lack of coordination between the marketing and sales department

For a marketing department, it is crucial to balance the fire element, that is, the south zone, according to the vastu for marketing. Put up your company logo where the marketing team sits. It is highly advised for the marketing team to sit in the south zone facing north. This is done to attract customers to your business. Avoid blue, black, and grey colour in the south zone (where the marketing team sits).

The elemental balance for an effective marketing team is essential, balancing the fire element. It is necessary to keep away from blue and black colour as it turns negative for your business. Grey and milky white colours bring losses in business and give stress to management. The application of these colours further leads to a bad marketing strategy. There will be a higher level of customer complaints, leading to litigation against your business, further degrading the company’s reputation.

Therefore, it is always better to avoid using these colours, according to Vastu, to ensure the successful functioning of your business. The blue colour is also harmful to your business. You may focus on bringing customers, but they won’t come, which is not beneficial for your business. Another colour which you should avoid for your business is yellow. Suppose there is an application of this colour where the marketing team sits. In that case, they won’t focus on the marketing strategies, instead drifting all their energies and brains toward unwanted expenses.

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