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Psychic Number 8

Psychic And Numerology Number 8

Numerology Number 8 – Saturn, the planet associated with the number 8, deals with the law of Karma. It deals with the occult, philosophy, and cultural development. It governs the fine arts, which do not come under the rule of number 6. This is the number that puts one through life’s tests. It establishes the balance of material, spiritual, and bodily things. This number is cold and masculine. It shows good health, energy, and endurance. It symbolises justice with mercy and is the number of powers. If this number is lucky, it brings wealth. It shows discipline, method, regularity, and system. The power it endows is to be used for the improvement of humanity. 

The planet “SATURN rules people born on the 8, 17 & 26th of any month”. These people are confident & determined. These people occasionally become mysterious. These people like to impose their authority on others. They are mighty, ambitious, and have an interest in material satisfaction. They are introverted, reserved & patient. They are influenced by justice. They are also very religious. Their thought process always runs like ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’, always thinking of karma & justice. Justice is a part of their personality. Number 8 people primarily work on material satisfaction. They are more conscious of maintaining status through accumulating material things. These people are successful in their lives due to proper focus, their intent and the efforts they put in for the work to be completed. 

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