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Vastu for Customer Relation

Vastu For Customer Relation

When a client comes into an office, he brings potential business prospects that should not be overlooked in today’s competitive environment. The client’s primary focus is on the product, services, behaviour, timely delivery, and product quality. Therefore, all these things matter to build trust in the customer and generate a good relationship with your customer.

The client should feel the positive energy as soon as he enters the office; he should receive the feeling that this is the place to do business. And Vastu helps you fulfil your commitments, connect you with the customers/clients, and build mutual trust between you and the customers to maintain healthy customer relations. Vastu recommends modest and significant adjustments in the office. Still, only our Vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall can provide Vedic, scientific, authentic easy-to-do vastu remedies to achieve good customer relationships and satisfaction.

Vastu Tips For a Better Customer Relation

  • Avoid dustbins, green colour, and green plants from the South West direction. As this zone governs relationships, if this is imbalanced, then the customer relationship may hinder. The customer may not buy your product or be dissatisfied with its results.
  • Place water flow scenery in the north zone to get a continuous flow of customers. North is the zone of Money Opportunities, so its Balance is essential for a prosperous business.
  • Make elemental Balance in the east direction in your office/shop to connect with your customers.
  • Place a statue of Nandi bull in the south direction to generate mutual trust and satisfaction between the shop owner and the customers.
  • Put a pair of white horses in the North West direction to increase customer support. This will lead to mutual support between the customers and the shop/ office owners.
  • Hang the photos of your ancestors in the South West direction in a golden frame. Doing this builds credibility in the market.
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