vastu for study room

Vastu for Study Room

When it comes to their child’s life, no parent can afford to take a chance; similarly, no parent can expect to take an opportunity to build a room for their children. Having a vastu for a study room helps a child’s ability to concentrate, learn quickly, and study peacefully. Vastu Shastra can keep all superficial energy out of a space and turn it into a cheerful one.



Vastu Tips For Study Room

In the family, the children usually have the need and use the vastu study table. It represents a place for learning and acquiring new skills. The effects of placing the study table in different zones are listed below. 


  • North East – Is an excellent place for research work. Students will conceive new ideas and develop insights required to excel in their studies. 

  • East North East – Children will feel the burden of studies. It will be used more for fun purposes than for studying.

  • East – Students will prefer to study political science.

  • East South East – The student will become over-analytical, and their grasping power will be affected.

  • South East – With a study table in this zone, a person will study crime/law.

  • South South East – They will take more interest in sports, yoga, and physical education.

  • South – Here will make children sleepy as they will be too relaxed to study.

  • South South West – All studies done here will prove futile. The children will secure poor grades or even fail. They will be reluctant to use this study table.

  • South West – It proves successful if studies related to any skill are done here.

  • West South West – This is the ideal zone for school students. They feel naturally inclined towards studies and secure excellent grades.

  • West – Students will stand to gain from whatever efforts they put into their studies sitting here, especially for accountancy studies. 

  • West North West – In this zone, studies will become a reason for stress, depression, and low mood for the children. This zone should be avoided here. 

  • North West – Studies of retail chains and general administration will be good here. It is particularly beneficial for home science and inventory management studies. 

  • North North West – Sitting in this zone, students will focus on useless matters instead of focusing on their studies.

  • North – A study table placed in this zone will make the children career-oriented. If they are pursuing career-related studies, then they should use this zone. 

  • North North East – In this zone, children will prefer to study medical science, Ayurveda, or alternative medicine.