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vastu for dining room

Vastu For Dining Room

The dining hall is where you receive food and enjoy it. So its location should be such that it should facilitate the digestion of food and enable people to enjoy their meals. A vastu for the dining room also symbolises the fulfilment of your desires, achievements and feedback for improvements. 

Therefore, the ideal dining zones are west, north, east, south, south-southeast, and north-north-east. Placing a dining table in these zones has positive effects as per the nature of these zones. The table below mentions the impact of dining halls in different zones.

Vastu Tips For Dining Room

What are the different dining table zones, and what are their effects?

  • North East – Dining here gives a religious bent of mind. People take more liquid and fast a lot. Usually, it has been observed that people stop eating onion and garlic after they start dining in this zone.

  • East North East – While dining here, a person wants to enjoy the ambience and presentation of food more than its quality or nutrition. Children sitting in this zone regularly become habituated to junk food, and older people become more conscious of ayurvedic and herbal diets. 

  • East – This zone encourages social gatherings. A person sitting in this zone at the dining table invites friends and other social acquaintances to eat with him. 

  • East South East – While eating in this zone, a person becomes anxious and shouts at the wife for less tasty food, lack of or more salt, etc. He keeps on analysing the food for its taste, nature, quality, effects on his health, etc. 

  • South East – A dining hall in that zone works as an appetiser. People try to have their meals on time. It improves digestion but makes the person more aggressive. 

  • South South East – Food eaten in this zone gets digested easily and provides required nutrients and strength to the body, thus having a healing effect.

  • South – This is again a good zone for dining. Food gets digested properly, and people feel at home and relaxed with peace of mind. 

  • South South West – Family members, are reluctant to use this dining hall. Food eaten here does not provide any strength or nutrition to the body. Instead, regular use of this area for dining leads to health problems. 

  • South West – Having meals here creates disharmony, dissatisfaction, and relationship problems in the family. The father will scold his son for not having table manners, his wife for not educating their children properly, and so on.

  • West South West – Sitting in this for dining, people become very careful about proper etiquette and table manners to eat food, like using forks, knives, and chopsticks. 

  • West – The purpose of dining gets accomplished if it is in this zone. Food consumed here will result in net gains and absorption of nutrients, and thus, good health is achieved.

  • West North West – People dining here will keep complaining about the food or its ill effects on their bodies, as perceived by them. Prolonged use of this space for dining will lead to the development of negative attitudes in them.

  • North West – With a dining table placed in this zone, people get support and help when required, fulfilling their desires.

  • North North West – Dining in this zone works as an appetiser and activates the taste buds, so the people dining here will love to taste new and different preparations every time and enjoy their food. 

  • North – Dining in this zone makes you more conscious about career growth. A person sitting in this zone and eating food regularly develops a sharp vision in his career. He becomes more focused on his career and leaves the middle of life behind. With these effects, digestion is a little bit poor in this zone.

  • North North East – Dining here gives good health. A person becomes more health-conscious and careful about his diet.

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