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vastu for breakdown

Vastu For Breakdowns

Webster defines a breakdown as “A failure to function, a function loss, failure to progress or have an effect.”There are several disturbances in the manufacturing environment, such as machine breakdowns, emergency orders, and so on. Understanding the effects of machine breakdown on your business is critical.

Machines are significant elements of production systems, and their failure can significantly impact system performance. Unplanned breakdowns pose a substantial difficulty for production planners. I wish it were easy to predict where and when a machine will break down during manufacturing. However, with a vastu for breakdown, you can prevent further studies in your factory and generate productivity.

Vastu Tips For Breakdowns

    • Machine breakdown is likely to occur if your machines are situated in the South-South West, East-South East, and West-North West zones. Relocate your devices from these zones and place them in the vastu suitable zone.


    • Place your machines so they won’t disturb the overall elemental balance of the building.


  • Never place the boiler or large heaters in the north direction. This will promote frequent breakdowns in your factory.
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