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Vastu for pooja room

Vastu For Pooja Room

Since Devtas represent different powers, the ideal place for their worship has to be located accordingly. Vastu for the Pooja room is essential in facilitating peace and prosperity.

What is the ideal location of a pooja room to fulfil your desire?

The purpose of any pooja or prayer is to first connect with your inner self and then with the universal consciousness of God. In Hinduism, this journey is performed with every natural power available. Hindu seers have already recognized that plants, trees, old or naturally regular stones, and rivers can have power or shakti. 

So many methods for Pooja are present in Hinduism. They can be broadly divided into 16 categories, as specified in the table below.


Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

So many methods for Pooja are present in Hinduism. They can be broadly divided into 16 categories, as specified in the table below.

North EastPanch-Dev, Shiv Pariwar
East North EastRadha-Krishna
EastRam Darbar, Laxmi-Vishnu
East South EastCharwak-Darshan
SouthEastMaa Durga
South South EastHanumanji
SouthMaa Kali
South South WestAghori
South WestVishwakarma, shastra(tools), Pitra
West South WestMaa Saraswati
WestMother Earth, Guru – Jesus, Sai Baba
West North WestYakshini
North WestPitra / Ancestral rituals, Kul Devi and Kul Devta
North North WestPanchmakar; Sex Pooja; Tantrik; Kaul
NorthMaa Laxmi, Ganesha
North North EastDhanwantri, Ashwini Kumar, Rivers

It is highly advisable that the different types of Pooja should be performed in their respective zones only. The Guru and Pitra should be worshipped only on the western wall and the Devtas only on the eastern wall.

What are the Effects of Pooja in Different Vastu Zones?


  • North East – Ideal zone for Pooja, has excellent effects, building gets blessed, you get mental peace and always get divine guidance.

  • East North East – This zone helps one cope with stress in daily life easily. You feel fresh quickly and are recharged with energy.

  • East – This zone is suitable for politicians and bureaucrats. This Pooja gives favors to seniors and high command.

  • East South East – This zone creates restlessness and anxiety, but it gives wise investments also. Pooja is recommended here except for stockbrokers.

  • South East – Except Pooja of maa Durga, other Poojas here cause accidents and fear of losing money.

  • South South East – Hanumanji’s Pooja gives power, strength, and confidence in this zone. But the other types of Poojas are not very effective here.

  • South – For maa kali Pooja, this zone is best, but for others, it is ineffective. It is an ideal zone for deep relaxed meditation. 

  • South South West – Except for the Aghori type of Pooja, all other Poojas must be avoided here as they bring losses.

  • South West – Pooja slows down payment recoveries and hinders financial growth. The exception is the Vishwakarma Pooja which gives more skill to workers. The Pitra Pooja is also ideal in this zone.

  • West South West – Maa Saraswati gives knowledge when worshipped in this zone. Other Poojas must be avoided here.

  • West – Pooja of Guru and Mother eEarth is ideal in this zone. It gives abundance and all financial gains. Other Poojas must be avoided in this zone. 

  • West North West – Yakshini Pooja can be performed here. Other Poojas must be avoided.

  • North West – This zone is ideal for doing ancestral (Pitra) Pooja.

  • North North West – Sex Pooja, panch makar Pooja, and Tantrik Pooja are permissible in this zone. Avoid other Poojas here.

  • North – This zone is ideal for Yaksha Sadhna, Laxmi Poojan, and Ganesha Poojan. All other Poojas must be avoided here.

  • North North East – The ideal zone for Shiv Poojan, Shiv Pariwar, Dhanwantri, and Poojan for the Ashwini Kumars here gives health and vitality.

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