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Manifests Your Dreams

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Symbolsare powerful and have their own language and effects. Right from ancient times, mans life has been strongly connected with various symbols. According to the founder ofPanch vastu, VastuGuru Abhishek Bansall, Symbols are the formulators (sutradhar) of the conscious and the subconscious mind, and should be handled with great care.The human subconscious mind only understands the language of symbols.The expansion of this subconscious mind is in two domainsone, the Inner Mind of man, and second, the Inner Space of a building in which we live. Basically, the human mind gets programmed from the space where it lives, i.e., the space inside a built-up area or

 building.” The space in a building, as per Panch vastucan be divided into16 Zones. By placing an appropriate symbol/remedy in the appropriate Panch vastu Zone, we can programme our space to fulfil our desires. For example, for a loving relationship with your spouse, put a symbol of Pair of Swans, which is a Panch vastu remedy in the Panch vastu Zone of Relationships (South-West), and your space gets programmed accordingly. This is also called the Space Programming Technique of Panch vastu.Similarly, there are numerousPanch vastu Symbols/Remedies, which when kept in theright Vastu Direction/Zonecan create wonders by making your Life More Successful, Prosperous, Healthier & Happier! 

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