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vastu for living room

Vastu For Living Room

The purpose of the living room in a house is to provide a space for the family members to share their feelings, day-to-day activities, and other matters of common interest, with each other. 

 Living rooms are an essential feature of every home; whether a house is modern or ancient, it will likely have a living room.

 Vastu for Living Room is a pearl of our seers’ methodical wisdom. The living room is an indispensable part of the house that determines whether it is an excellent place to live—the house area where the members spend most of their time and where guests are entertained.

In a nutshell, it’s where you create the most of your “sweet memories.”

Vastu Tips For Living Room

Accordingly, the location of a living room in a house produces different results, as described below. 

North East – Family members, will discuss religious and spiritual matters more. Brainstorming sessions will be fruitful-they will conceive new ideas to achieve something or counter/ resolve problems in their lives. This is a good place for introspection.

East North East – After a hectic and tiring day, family members can use this place to spend quality time together and get refreshed.

East – Here, members will discuss their neighbors, the difference in their lifestyle compared to the rest of the world, growth in their lives, and social affairs.

East South East – Family members sitting in this place will always have detailed discussions about even the trifle matters of their lives. The imbalance of this zone will cause quarrels among the members and non-compliance with their opinions.

South East – Discussions among the family members could be heated, though it will affect the love and affection for each other.

South South East – Here, it will help the family members derive strength from the company of other family members and the feeling of togetherness. Any family member who is in a bad mood or stressed can feel positive by having a chat with other members.

South – A lounge here is an excellent place to relax. People will prefer to take a nap or just walk out rather than indulge in discussions. People will like to end discussions with an appreciation for each other.

South South West – If the lounge is placed in this zone, there will be a gradual loss of the will/interest among the family members to sit with and talk to each other. Discussions here are unlikely to reach any conclusion or gain any result.

South West – Sitting in this zone, the family elders will teach deep reverence and bondage to their ancestors and will expect the same kind of emotions and attitude from the younger ones themselves.

West South West – In this zone, family members will love to share their knowledge and experiences with themselves to learn more and help their children augment their knowledge repertoire.

West – In such a family lounge, people will consider their relations/ family members an asset. They may also become possessive of their family. The nature of discussions will relate to worldly wealth, savings and profits.

West North West – Such a family lounge will help people release their blocked emotions by sharing with other family members. However, excessive sharing might result in every member wanting to weep, so family lounges in this zone should be avoided.

North West – A family lounge in NW ensures timely support of family members (especially in terms of finance) in the hour of need.

North North West – Family members will draw pleasure from sitting together in this place.

North – In this zone, it leads to more discussions on career and growth in life. A person values the advice and suggestions of his family in career matters. They also become more calculating in their family relationships.

North North East – Here, family members will be more conscious about health-always thinking of taking better care of themselves.


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