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vastu for new born baby

Vastu For Child Birth

Pregnancy is a significant moment in a woman’s life that drives the couple toward parenting. However, many couples have problems conceiving due to female or male infertility issues. The worst-case scenario is when the medical cause is unknown, and even the doctor is left guessing. It is only natural to seek solace in our ancient sciences such as Vastu, Astrology, Energy, and Crystal Therapy at such times.

The opportunities and problems associated with childbirth and family continuity are significant issues that must be handled with care and attention. Therefore, you must understand how your home is linked to it and the effects of these difficulties. If you are medically sustainable and still unable to conceive, then the vastu for childbirth comes into play.



Vastu Tips For Child Birth

Vastu Zones For Childbirth

South West – The balance of this zone is necessary, and you should ensure that you are eliminated from all the Pitra Dosh. This is the zone of marriage, family harmony, relationships, and stability. Therefore, if this zone is imbalanced, instability may occur in your life, making it further complicated to conceive a child. 

South South West – This is the zone of visarjan, which removes all the waste from your life. The energy of this zone drains out all the useless and unwanted things in our life. Therefore it is highly advised not to place beds in this direction. Suppose you have your bed placed in this zone, shift immediately. Otherwise, it will lead to premature abortion. 

West North West – This is the zone of rodan and stress release. According to vastu shastra, a bed in this zone is strictly prohibited as it will lead to premature abortion. If you have your bed placed in this zone, it will become difficult to conceive.

East South East – Placement of beds is strictly prohibited in this zone. If you have your bed placed in this zone, painful thoughts will haunt your mind. It will affect your relationships negatively. Couples with a bedroom in this zone can never live happily. It will also lead to premature abortion. 

North North West – The balance of this zone is also necessary, as it is the zone of attraction and sensual enjoyment. The energy generated by this zone strengthens the bond between husband and wife. Without this energy, feelings like understanding, comfort, and care cannot grow and develop into a long-lasting bond. This zone is ideal for a couple’s bedroom.  

South East – Fire imbalance in this zone creates problems in individuals’ lives. If this zone is imbalanced, then males can experience low sperm count. 

West – West is the zone of wish fulfilment. Therefore it is advised to place a child’s photo in this zone. 

North North East – This is the zone of health and immunity. Therefore the balance of this zone is necessary. If this zone is disturbed, your body resistance and the immune system weaken, making you prone to illness. The balance of this zone promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps in childbirth.


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