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Vastu for Director Cabin

Vastu For Directors Cabin

The entity’s most significant person and face are the company head, vertical head, boss, or owner. Understanding vastu for directors’ cabins is critical because the boss or department head is the business’s primary decision-maker.

The department’s overall performance improves if the good energies influence them according to Vastu principles. The boss or department head is responsible for the company’s growth and stability.

Suitable direction for Directors Cabin

The East direction is one of the most prominent directions for the Director’s cabin. The energy generated by the east zone facilitates social connectivity. This zone governs relationships with society, government departments, and top influential people. It would help if you had social associations with your fellow business colleagues to boost your business. 

Therefore the energy generated by the east zone facilitates this social connectivity and is considered the ideal zone for the Director’s cabin. Once you get the cabin in this zone, all the business meetings and associations will be fruitful, leading to the company’s overall growth. In the East direction, a picture of Lord Ram or Ram Darbar can be hung for more impressive results. 

Another proficient zone for locating the Director’s cabin is the West zone. The West is the zone of positive gain, which results in money, satisfaction, growth, development, knowledge, wisdom, security, profits, and achievements. This zone has immense energy, ensuring that no effort you make goes to waste. 

This zone gives you the energy to work tirelessly and work with speed. Having a boss’s cabin in this zone ensures productivity and positive benefits for the business. In this direction, pictures of your Guru, Vishnu Ji and Tirupati Balaji can be put up for effective results. 


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