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Vastu for kitchen

Vastu For Kitchen

Kitchen is a term that refers to a collective activity which provides nourishment to all the members of the family. It is a fire activity. The essential meaning of the vastu for the kitchen can be understood as symbolized and contained by the ‘burner’, which denotes the fire element. So, naturally, as per the different qualities of zones, we experience other effects of the kitchen when placed in the different vastu zones. 

vastu for kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

What Are The Different Kitchen Zones And Their Effects On Human Life?

  • North East – It leads to severe ailments related to the brain. A person may lose clarity of mind and is always in a state of confusion.
  • East North East – It causes people to become desperate for fun and enjoyment in life, which they cannot get because of fire in this zone.
  • East – It gives average money and social connectivity results, but it is suitable for religious buildings.
  • East South East- It leads to continual clashes among family members. After some time, males develop diseases like diabetes and hypertension.
  • South East- It improves cash-in-hand position and zeal to do a job but also increases aggression. It helps in the recovery of blocked payments.
  • South South East – This is the ideal zone for a kitchen. It provides strength and confidence to family members; the food is also delicious and healthy.
  • South- It brings fame and recognition to the residents for their work. They have a relaxed and comfortable life. 
  • South South West – It causes severe violent clashes between a person and his son. It also increases expenditures and causes health hazards.
  • South West – With a kitchen in the southwest, a person cannot utilize his skills, due to which he faces instability in his career and poor relationships at home. Children’s marriages also get delayed because of it. 
  • West South West- It affects the savings adversely. Children are unable to secure good marks despite doing their best.
  • West -It is again the ideal location. Food cooked here ensures the family’s continuous gains of money and good health.

What Are the Preferable materials for Kitchen Construction?

The slab in the kitchen should not be of Granite. When used in the kitchen, Granite is responsible for tumours’ growth. Granite has a quartzitic structure. When it gets heat, its crystals start vibrating, leading to cancerous growth in the lower abdominal area of the lady who stands for the maximum time span near it. Therefore, the use of Granite as a kitchen slab is strictly prohibited. You can also choose other options, such as green marble and yellow Jaisalmer stone.

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