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Panch Vastu Bar Chart

PanchVastu Bar Chart Method

Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall has developed a scientific procedure to evaluate the strength of each PanchVastu Zone. This procedure is known as the PanchVastu Bar Chart. Its purpose is to assess the strength of each PanchVastu Zone to understand the balanced and imbalanced states of zones, which are mainly due to a cut or an extension in a building. 

In modern architecture and contemporary lifestyle development, it is still being determined whether all the built-up Spaces will be regular in shape. In many apartment buildings, one will not find standard Square or Rectangular shapes. By applying the PanchVastu  Bar Chart method, it is possible to use PanchVastu with maximum accuracy and precision, irrespective of the shape of the floor plan. So it does not mean one can’t get the benefits of Vastu. PanchVastu tools and techniques can be applied to every building shape, whether regular or irregular. 

 Applying PanchVastu techniques to either solve the problems or to get the desired outcomes manifested, it is essential to understand the strengths or weaknesses of the building space where one lives or works. Only then can one decide which areas of one’s life need to be strengthened or balanced. The PanchVastu Bar Chart method is also essential in determining the procedure of sensitive techniques like Space Surgery and Space Extension, which, if applied otherwise, can cause adverse results. As these techniques are like surgery on the human body, they bring results very fast without making demolitions a building.

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