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Phychic Number 6

Psychic And Numerology Number 6

Numerology Number 6 – The planet of number 6 is Venus. It represents beauty, art, decoration, sympathy and cooperation. It shows the law of material supply and brings money to those who work hard. It is concerned with education and married life. Harmony at home and in the community results from its vibrations. It deals with large groups and institutions. It aims to establish beauty, balance, and rhythm. It is a combination of the intellectual and the emotional. 

People born on the 6, 15 & 24th of any month are ruled by the planet VENUS”. Number 6 is for love, peace, harmony, responsibility and understanding. These people have good looks; they are fair & handsome. Venus has a significant command of romance, beauty, passion, sexual pleasure, and fine arts like music, poetry and dance. Irrespective of financial conditions, they are luxury-oriented people. They have excellent memory power. They are also very friendly and passionate about love & romance. They are very caring & nurturing types of people. They are very protective of relationships. These people are very intimate with their near and dear ones.  

They are very possessive about their family members and always try to protect them in any situation. They are people who love to take responsibility and execute them. They also maintain proper balance in their lives. 


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