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vastu for depression

 Vastu For Depression

Stress can take many forms and present itself in a variety of ways. It is critical to deal with it as soon as possible before it takes a toll on one’s life. Following some vastu for depression principles by panch Vastu helps you stay healthy and avoid depression.

Depression is consciousness stuck in either the past or in a negative mode. The flow of natural energies from the Anandmaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha to Manomaya Kosha gets disturbed. That is why the mind does not feel energetic, and consciousness is harnessed to a model where a person does not like anything and loses his ability to enjoy it.

This psychological problem is related only to the space where you live. Namely, you’re home. In the acute symptoms of depression, a person loses interest in life, sex, daily enjoyment, and doing any work. Panch Vastu cannot replace the therapeutic methods recommended by medical science. Still, it can help restore a balanced and natural mind. 

Vastu Tips For Depression

  • Reasons for Depression: 
  • Vastu Zones For Curing Depression
  • West North West – This is the zone of stress release. The energy generated by this zone helps you release harmful and damaging feelings that lead to depression. Spending 10 to 15 minutes in this zone, you can free yourself from the adverse effects of the past, which otherwise lead to hypertension, stress and depression. Beds, photographs and daily use should not be located in this zone. It is the ideal zone for keeping a dustbin. WNW should be balanced based on the five vastu elements. 
  • North East – This is the zone of wisdom and meditation. Foresight, intuition, vision and inspiration all come from this zone. Meditation performed in this zone will give you inner strength and wisdom. It will further inspire you to grow and succeed. This zone’s energy calms your mind and provides clarity to it. This zone also eliminates all the confusing thoughts and mental blockages. It further helps you visualise a path to success in everyday life. 
  • South South East – This is the zone of power and confidence. If this zone is depressed, its occupants will lack strength, stamina, vigour and vitality. Individuals will be bogged down by lethargy, lack of enthusiasm, no self-confidence and so on. Therefore, South southeast must be balanced. It governs power, energy, strength and confidence. Sleeping or sitting in this zone gives a powerful mind and a strong body. 
  • South West – The balance of this zone is necessary for curing depression. It provides stability in all spheres of life, be it a career, personal life or any other area. Thus, for a disturbed mind, stability is crucial. This zone helps foster family harmony and bonding in life and relationships, ensuring your life’s smooth functioning. This zone also awakens your latent and dormant talents. The energy of this zone gives sharpness to your skills and provides stability to your mind. 
  • East North East – This is the zone of rejuvenation, recreation and jest. The energy from this zone refreshes your body and mind, which prevents you from getting depressed. The energy eliminates negativity from your thoughts and infuses your mind with positivity and vitality. A fountain or a bunch of fresh flowers placed in this zone significantly augments the energy. In this zone, it is best to have photographs and beds placed. 
  • North – The extension of the North zone leads to depression problems. Therefore it is essential to balance the water element. A healthy north zone ensures you get the money you deserve and a continuous flow of abundance in your life.
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