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Vastu for Supplier Relation

Vastu For Supplier Relation

There are many different types of businesses and shops for each one. According to Vastu shastra, every business is influenced by a distinct Panch Vastu factor. It aids in attracting customers, totally satisfying them, and minimizing losses. A particular Panch Mahabhute element controls every business.

Vastu Tips For Supplier Relations

South West is the zone of relationship skills. Therefore you need to balance this zone. As it governs relationships, if this is imbalanced, then the supplier relation may hinder.

South governs the zone of fame and relaxation. Therefore, if this zone is imbalanced, your company will significantly lose its value and importance. And it will wither away its market value, and you will face a loss in supplier relations. Avoid blue, black and grey colours in this direction.

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