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Phychic Number 4

Psychic And Destiny Number 4

Numerology Number 4 -The planet allotted to number 4 is Uranus, which shows activity and energy in life. This number shows hard work. It indicates the building of a firm foundation. It endows the power to organise and work in the organisation. It is cold, intellectual, and slow in nature. It represents the law of justice without mercy or tolerance, or sympathy. 

 People born on the 4, 13, 22 & 31st of any month are ruled by the planet RAHU”. These people are reformers, have revolutionary ideas, and are cultured, trustworthy, systematic, practical, disciplined, reliable & organised type of people. These people are always ready to help people in need. These people should learn to come out of their typical nature, which is always focused on service and hard work, and remember that love and enjoyment are  as crucial as their duties. 

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