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Effect of 32 Entrances


The effects of an entrance are always potent, whether positive or negative. Crucially, the entrance of a building is the point at which the Space enclosed by the structure communicates with the Universe.

The Space of every building is only a part of the vast Space of the Universe. But these two represent different levels of consciousness. The Space outside a building refers to the conscious mind, and the Space inside the building refers to the sub-conscious mind. Through the entrance to one’s Space, i.e. building, one moves from one level of consciousness to another – that is, the main door represents the shift from the conscious to the subconscious level. Naturally, the location of the main entrance of a building is of prime importance.

For analysing the effects, you should understand how to identify the entrance located on the plan. According to PanchVastu, by dividing the 360° around the centre of a given Space into 32 equal ‘Angular divisions’ – each measuring 11.25°, you get 32 possible entrance locations to the built-up Space. This is the path-breaking approach of PanchVastu, which places it above all other methods used in Vastu’s name.

Once you have calculated the Entrance Locations as per PanchVastu, only then can you match the symptoms of the building with the corresponding effects. Signs of the building refer to the inhabitants’ adverse or beneficial situations, like the abundance of money, career success, not receiving payments on time, frequent accidents and mishaps, and miscarriages.

Once the symptoms are found to be a 100% match with those mentioned in PanchVastu, then using different techniques of PanchVastu, which involve our Theory of Five Elements (typically in the form of colours or/and metals), the adverse effects of that entrance can be nullified.

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