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Vastu for Home Bar

Vastu For Home Bar

Nowadays, people prefer a dedicated space for consuming or serving alcoholic drinks. A bar is quite common in modern housing planning and should be according to vastu for home bar. This is the place where alcoholic beverages are stored. The primary purpose of a bar is to reduce anxiety and relax. When placed in different zones in a house, the bar influences the lives of the residents.

Vastu Tips For Home Bar

Refer to the table below to select the permissible and non-permissible locations for making a bar in your home.

  • East North East – This zone is not bad or inauspicious to make a bar, but if you have a bar in this area, the meaning of joy in life becomes drinking only.
  • East – When made in this zone, a bar creates a distance between you and your social relationships. So it is not a good location for a bar.
  • East South East – This zone is permitted for making a bar. It reduces anxiety and creates cordial relationships at home.
  • South East – You should not make bars in this zone as it leads to loss of money. Efforts are the same as if one is drinking after drinking.
  • South South East – This is, again not a good place for a bar. It causes low self-confidence and a feeling of selflessness. Also, it increases the inferiority complex.
  • South – A bar in this zone causes sleep disorders and insomnia. The person loses their relaxed state of mind.
  • South South West – When a bar is made in this zone, the person loses their temptation to have drinks and the feeling of liveliness in their life.
  • South West– With a bar made in this zone of your home, you cannot use your skills properly.
  • West South West – Bars placed in this zone adversely affect the concentration and focus of children. They get distracted from their studies.
  • West– Making a bar in this zone improves gains for the family. So it is a good zone for making a bar.
  • West North West– This is again an ideal zone to make a bar to detoxify your mind and relieve your blocked emotions and stress.
  • North West – When placed in this zone, yields desired results, especially from meetings held at parties for the residents.
  • North North West – The bar can be made in this house zone. When made here, it increases fun in sexual life.
  • North – This is not a permitted zone for making a bar as it hampers upcoming growth opportunities in your career.
  • North North East – Bar must be avoided in this zone since it leads to poor health for the house’s residents.
  • North East – This is not a good place to make a bar in your home as it gives distraction and instability of mind.
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