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Vastu for before shifting

Before Shifting To New Home/Office

A new home or an office brings happiness to a person’s life. While looking for a home and office, you want to ensure that it meets your needs and preferences. These days you are buying a vastu-compliant home or office is also considered vital to add positive energy and to bring prosperity in your lives. To ensure this, our vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall will evaluate your new home or office before the shifting process. He will further advise vastu fundamentals that must be kept in mind while moving into your new house or office.

Vastu Significance For New Home/Office

The term vastu comes from the Sanskrit word – ‘vas niwase’, meaning habitable place. A place that assists you in living a peaceful life. This vastu knowledge had very well been explored by our ancient sages thousands of years back. But during that time, this knowledge was strictly reserved for kings only.

Vastu Shastra is the science and art of exploring human potential through a built-up environment. It identifies the purpose of the building and defines the planning and design of the building to achieve the same. Furthermore, vastu means ‘suitable building for dwelling,’ and shastra implies study. In contemporary usage, vastu means designing or correcting buildings according to vastu shastra.

It has been evident that some of the beautifully designed houses leave us feeling oppressed, and we may feel unwell or surrounded by negativity. On the contrary, there are simple, architecturally plain houses that encapsulate peace of mind, harmony, and comfort. Inhabitants of such spaces have a positive attitude, vibrancy, good health, and happiness. This is what vastu does for you. It fills your life with peace, prosperity, growth, and fulfilment.

Similarly, at your working place, vastu plays an important role. The office is considered a second home and must impart positive vibes and peace of mind. Compared to a home, an office is much more complex in structure and the number of people working there. Therefore, vastu helps bring a vibrant feeling and ensures that the business process works in harmony and fulfils the business’s goal by bringing growth and more profits.

At Panch Vastu, we put our heart and soul into your newly constructed building (office or home) and strive to make it a better place for you. Read further to understand how vastu helps you before shifting to a new location.

Why Should You Consider Vastu Before Shifting To A New Home/Office

Home is a living paradise for all of us, and shifting to a new home is tedious. Vastu impacts your life in various ways, and when you go to a new house or an office, you should consider it as it helps you adjust to the new environment and brings success and happiness to your life. Vastu has a remedy for every problem. So if you are moving to a Flat, Floor, apartment or house built on land, a simple vastu tip can do wonders for you.

Positive and negative energies constantly impact us in our daily lives. Vastu shastra’s tips for shifting to a new home or office are about positive vibrations, proper flow of power, and space arrangement. Vastu, before moving, is mainly done to Balance all the energies in the building and promote the positive ones so that the energies help the residents of the building to fulfil the objectives of the building. Doing this will help you live a peaceful life and achieve success in your business or career.

Vastu is becoming an essential component in the overall buying process for all home buyers. These guidelines help you plan your house accordingly for financial security, good health and peace of mind.

Vastu Tips For Before Shifting To New Home

Amenities, location, and type of dwelling play a significant role when selecting a home. However, try to be careful while shifting, and you can ensure this by keeping in mind the below-stated vastu tips by Panch Vastu.


Television is a mode of entertainment used to refresh, release stress, and gain knowledge like health, food, the world, and so on. Panch Vastu recommends the placement of T.V. in the East North East zone. It fills the family atmosphere with fun and energy. You can also place the television in the East, South East, South, South West, and North.

Washing Machine

The activity taking place in a washing machine is that of churning. Therefore, it is related to the zone of anxiety and analysis, the East-South-East zone. The East South East is considered the ideal zone for a washing machine. It reduces unnecessary churning of the mind and provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The West North West is also suitable for keeping your washing machine.


A dustbin is an object you use to throw all that is useless in your life. It symbolizes useless things worthy of being thrown out of your life. The ideal zone for keeping a dustbin is East South East, South South West, and West North West. This will ensure clarity in one’s mind and peaceful life. You will be saved from over-analysis and anxieties.


The West zone is the most appropriate place for keeping a safe or locker. A safe facing north is relevant because the god of wealth, Lord Kuber, resides in this zone. Your safe should never be kept empty, and there must be a picture of Laxmi Ji and Ganesha or five to seven silver coins in it.


An inverter is related to the fire element, and its purpose is to provide backup support in case of electricity failure. The North West zone is ideal for inverter placement, and its arrangement here ensures timely support and help. Avoid the placement of inverters in other zones, as it may negatively impact your life and business.

Air Conditioner (A.C.)

A.C. controls and regulates the room temperature. From an elemental perspective, it is related to air and fire elements. The ideal locations for air conditioners are East, East South East, South South East, South, West South West, West, West North West, North West, North North West, North and North North East.


Generally, people place an aquarium for gaining wealth and securing financial growth. But in reality, aquariums do not provide economic growth. According to vastu shastra, an aquarium is related to churning activity, so it is best to place it in the East South East direction. Preferably, one should not place an aquarium at all in the house.

Vastu Tips For Before Shifting To New Office

While shifting to a new office, you must keep certain things in mind. Below are some of the Vastu tips by Panch Vastu that you can follow for prosperity and success in your business.

The Direction of Office Building

The East, West, North and South all are the best directions for office buildings. All these directions bring success, growth, and prosperity to the business. However, it is best to consult a vastu consultant before selecting the office building. With this, you will know the best building facing and strength of energies most suitable for your business.


Your office’s main entry can face any direction, like North, south, east, or West, as all directions bring growth and prosperity to a business. However, placement of entrance in a direction matters, which is an expert professional task. So always get professional advice before choosing the same.

Owner’s Room

The East direction is one of the most prominent directions for the owner’s room. The energy generated by this zone facilitates social connectivity. Another proficient zone is the West zone. The West is the zone of positive gain, which results in money, satisfaction, growth, development, knowledge, wisdom, and profits.


The pantry should be positioned in the South East and painted either red, pink, or orange. Try avoiding blue, black, and grey colours. Avoid the placement of the pantry in the north and northeast directions.

Wall Colours

You can use shades of cream, off-white, and beige to be explicitly painted on the South East, East, North East, and North Western walls. Painting office premises with light colours spread positivity and keeps negative energies out.

Plants in Office

Plants should be placed in the East direction as it brings happiness and positive energy. It welcomes relevant people into your business, fostering fruitful connections and placing plants with big leaves inside your office, such as money plants and snake plants. Avoid placing thorny plants, such as cacti, inside the office premises.

Get Your Vastu Consultation

At Panch Vastu, we provide easy and practical vastu consultation for all your issues and concerns related to shifting to a new house or an office.

Sometimes, as found in many cases, your new house/flat or office problems are not due to Vastu. But because of the immature vastu advisors who misguide and create confusion. According to Panch vastu, 100% matching of symptoms Vs. Reasons are required for effective results and solutions to your house or office problems. At Panch vastu, you will get a clear picture of whether you have any Vastu Problems or the necessary treatment to rectify them.

Panch Vastu performs a detailed survey of your new house or office by vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall. The analysis details interior designs, location, application of colours, and objects in your new home or office. Based on the Panch Vastu survey report, a scientific and Accurate Vastu Analysis is done to determine the root cause of problems you face or will face in the future due to your new house or office.

Vastu Solution, Without Demolition

A house or office with Vastu flaws can harm you in various ways, including psychologically, financially, and even physically. You don’t want your family or your career to suffer due to being in a depressed state. Choosing a good Vastu consultant is crucial as selecting the suitable material and contractor when building a house or office.
At Panch Vastu, vastu remedies that avoid demolition are implemented. Our vastu consultant Abhishek Bansall rectifies vastu defects by making changes in a space in your office and home. These changes are done by rearranging objects, changing the interiors and colours of walls, and modifying a room without breaking a wall or removing doors and windows.

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