Manifests Your Dreams

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Manifests Your Dreams

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How Vastu Works ?

“Panch Vastu Believes that the Universe is Conscious and Full of Desires”

One such desire wrapped in five layers creates a human being just a by-product of fun, or Ananda. So, one is always searching for Ananda through the fulfilment of different physical desires. You make structures to manifest that core purpose or passion of yours. If you manifest your core purpose, money, power, comfort, and health are by-products, along with joy.

Pain indicates deviation from the core purpose for which birth was taken, viz., deviation from the natural flow. Restoring to flow makes us pain-free. Panch Vastu provides you with the tools & techniques to work with the Universal Consciousness and achieve your life’s purpose.

The Law of the Universe is the world is created out of the experience of joy. The Universe is conscious and full of fun. The Hindu Alchemy of Space says that to experience itself Universal Consciousness Param Atma created the world,

Stars and planets, the objects of the external Space (Universe), are responsible for the programming of your subconscious mind at 

Earth is the manifestation ground for desires of Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) through human consciousness (Atma). To manifest our purpose or core desire, 

A human being is part consciousness (Atma – soul) wrapped in 5 layers known as Panchkosha in Vedanta. The layers are the Physical Body (Annmaya Kosha), Energy Body…

Energy fields govern every building termed devtas; these comprise a vital element of Panch Vastu. As soon as space is enclosed, it starts. 

Panch Vastu 4-step Methods

Panch Vastu is a 4-Step Method to know the influence of your building (home, office or factory) on you and your life. These influences can be positive or negative and are responsible for your success or failure.
The concept has been distilled from 10,000 successful research-based case studies by Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Panch Vastu also provides 16 Techniques to get Solutions without going in for demolitions or structural changes in the building. It is a purer, more straightforward, yet more robust system for understanding the influences of a building on human behaviour. It ensures Money, Happiness, Gains, and success while maintaining a modern lifestyle and architecture.

The effects of an entrance are always potent, whether positive or negative. Crucially, the entrance of a building is the point at which the Space enclosed by the structure communicates with the Universe.

The 16 PanchVastu Zones govern every aspect of our existence. They act as a blueprint for our well-being.

“Every emotion and thought that appears inside you is generated only by the 16 PanchVastu  Zones (in your home).

The causative nature of the five elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space is the key to the study and practice of PanchVastu.The foundation of PanchVastu is Sankhya Darshan (Indian Metaphysics), which is the basis of all Indian sciences like YogaAyurveda, Tantra and many more.

Symbols are the formulator (sutradhar ) of the conscious and the subconscious mind. And man has had this innate knowledge from the beginning, right with the world’s creation. According to linguists, language development has only taken place from symbols.

Panch Vastu Techniques

Panch Vastu is a Research-Based knowledge with a focus on problem-solving. Just like Medical Science, Panch Vastu starts with an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Corrective remedies follow this with no demolitions. It lays down a systematic procedure from diagnosing the problem to getting the desired results. At each step, it offers Scientific Tools and Techniques which facilitate moving ahead to the next step with utmost reliability and precision.

These Tools and Techniques, used by Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall are 100% result oriented. These impart him the highest success rate in the world, over 95%. These are easy, logical, and practical; even those with an elementary knowledge of Panch Vastu are using them well.

An outcome of the successful application of Panch Vastu in more than 10000 case studies, this Flow Chart guides you on how to proceed ‘Step-By-Step’ in a practical case study…

Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall has used a scientific procedure to evaluate the strength of each Panch Vastu Zone. This procedure is known as the Panch Vastu Bar Chart…

In total, 16 Panch Vastu Techniques are used to remove the Vastu faults in a building. These are very powerful and effective techniques, at the same time very easy to do…

Why Panch Vastu is Best

"Easy Vastu Solutions"

Application to Irregular Spaces
Application to Irregular Spaces icon

Application to Irregular Spaces

With the PanchVastu Bar Chart Analysis, we know which zones are weak or strong in an irregularly shaped Flat or Building. It highlights which portions are effectively Cut or/and Extended and what effects they entail. Accordingly, we restore the balanced situation using the 16 Techniques.

Scientific Evaluation Procedure
Scientific Evaluation Procedure icon

Scientific Evaluation Procedure

The real purpose of Vastu is to study a building to check if it is suitable for a particular cause. PanchVastu presents a systematic and logical procedure for creating a detailed evaluation report of your structure. You can accurately evaluate any activity’s effects when placed in 16 PanchVastu zones.

Effective Usage Of Colours And Shapes
Effective Usage Of Colours And Shapes icon

Effective Usage Of Colours And Shapes

PanchVastu explains the Attributes & Effects of Colours & Shapes logically, which match (100%) with real-life observations. So, Colours and Shapes are used to sound effects by practitioners PanchVastu.

Systematic Procedure
Systematic Procedure icon

Systematic Procedure

In PanchVastu, we first work out the root cause of imbalances in the building. Then use the 16 Techniques to correct imbalances without making any demolitions (in 98% of buildings) in the built-up structure.

High Precision Level
High Precision Level icon

High Precision Level

While diagnosing, high Precision Levels are practised, and a deviation of even 3° is not allowed. With such precision, Symptoms do match 100% with the problems.

Focus on Accurate Diagnosis
Focus on Accurate Diagnosis icon

Focus On Accurate Diagnosis

PanchVastu is a product of minute observations in more than 10,000 documented case studies. With this vast repertoire of knowledge, one can accurately match the symptoms of a problem with a 4-Step evaluation.

Result-Oriented Approach
Result-Oriented Approach icon

Result Oriented Approach

It offers scientific solutions to problems in already built-up spaces using tested and effective 16 Techniques and Remedies.

Specific Remedies For Specific Problems
Specific Remedies For Specific Problems icon

Specific Remedies For Specific Problems

Whether purchasing a new property, getting a loan, or winning legal battles, PanchVastu offers practical and easy-to-apply Problem-Specific Remedies.

Flexible And Alternate Options
Flexible And Alternate Options icon

Flexible and Alternate Options

For optimum use of the available space, PanchVastu is the perfect answer as it Offers Flexibility and Options.

PanchVastu Programming For Desired Manifestations
PanchVastu Programming For Desired Manifestations icon

PanchVastu Programming For Desired Manifestations

During experiments with Symbols, Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall discovered that even buildings could be programmed to manifest desires. This is because your structure affects your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind picks up information from your surrounding environment. When Paintings, Photographs and Sculptures are correctly selected, they impart a new direction to your subconscious mind, finally leading to the manifestation of desires.

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