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Vastu for Bedroom 1

Vastu For Bedroom

After a long day at work, the bedroom is one of the places in the house where one expects to unwind and enjoy a good night’s sleep. The correct positioning of the bed and other furniture is essential, according to the vastu shastra. The misplacement of bedroom items can lead to many problems, such as frequent disputes with family members, disturbances in our married life and quarrels with our spouse.

A bedroom in every house is a place to relax physically and mentally. Therefore, it should be located in a zone conducive to relaxation and mental peace. Panch Vastu prescribes different zones of vastu for bedrooms for various family members. But whatever the zone, people should always sleep with their head pointing South or East. People who wish to earn a lot of money should sleep with their heads in the south, and students should sleep with their heads in the east.

Panch Vastu brings vastu for the bedroom to eliminate all the major issues from your life. Our vastu expert examines the layout of your home as well as the interior design. After that, they figure out the causes that hinder the free flow of natural energy in your bedroom, affecting your happiness and prosperity.

Why Vastu For Bedroom is Important

According to Vastu, bedrooms are significant. To have a sound sleep, your bedroom should have a pleasant and calming ambience. It is vital to rely on proper Vastu for the bedroom to maintain peace and harmony in that space when you retreat from your troubles and sleep stress-free.

Vastu for the bedroom ensures restful sleep, which is essential for a healthy life. When it comes to designing and defining rooms, Vastu takes into account several factors. In the science and practice of Vastu, there are various rules for creating healthy vibrations in your bedroom and positivity around you.

Why Is The Correct Location Of The Dressing Table Important?

Many people need clarification about the correct placement of a dressing table in their bedroom. Some feel that their bed and reflection in the mirror glass will cause misery in relationships and disorder in sleep. The position of the dressing table reflecting the bed does not create any such adverse effect by itself. Mirror as an object represents the water element and serves as a medium for the extension of space.

vastu for bedroom

Vastu Tips for Bedroom


    • The inside items of your bedroom play an important role in determining peace and prosperity in your life. To begin, choose the color of your bedsheets according to the zone color. Colors going contrary to the zone may cause disturbances.

    • Hang your family photo on the backside of the bed’s wall. This will ensure prosperity and happiness in your life.

    • Avoid the usage of loud colors in the bedroom. It is highly recommended to use pastel colors according to the direction of your bedroom.

    • Select curtains for your bedroom according to the zone color. Keep soothing lightning inside the bedroom.

    • Try to include fewer electronic items inside your bedroom. The placement of television and computers are not advised inside the bedroom, according to vastu.

    • Select the wardrobe color according to your bedroom’s vastu zone. Use cream and wood colors for wardrobes and furniture.

    • Avoid anti-zonal colors as they may cause chaos and problems in your personal and professional life. 

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