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vastu for septic tank

Vastu For Septic Tank

The location and position of septic tanks hold great importance, as septic tanks reduce the zone’s strength if incorrectly located. Vastu for a septic tank is crucial and best understood as a ‘place of disposal.’ Keeping this in mind, remember that they effectively ‘flush out the effects of the zone in which they are located. Thus, zonal strength can be drastically reduced and have harmful impacts. The table below lists the results of placing septic tanks in different Vastu zones. 

In new construction, you can easily recommend the ideal position of the septic tanks, but you need to apply remedies accordingly for the existing building structures.

North East – Septic tanks in this zone cause significant health problems like memory loss, paralysis, and neurological problems. 

East North East – A septic tank placed here makes people feel lethargic, with a sense of heaviness. They never feel refreshed. Some or all family members suffer from constipation and need external stimulants to be restored. 

East – In this zone, a person may become unsocial. Particularly people in politics cannot afford to have a septic tank in this location in their house.

East South East – This is one of the most favourable locations as the activity is beneficial in this zone. When placed here, it reduces anxiety and limits the over-analytical tendencies of the residents.

South East – A septic tank will create obstacles in life, marriage, etc. It hampers the inflow of money. For businesses, it obstructs the collection of payments. They always feel a cash crunch.

South South East – A septic tank in this zone leads to low confidence, physical strength, and zeal to do a job. Chances of having a male issue are also reduced.

South – A septic tank in this zone makes the inhabitants desperate for fame. They are tense and unable to relax. 

South South West – This is the best location for a septic tank. It generates no ill effects. A septic tank in this zone removes whatever is waste for you, objects, and relations from your life.

South West – Family relationships get disturbed when a septic tank is placed in this zone. It leads to instability as people cannot generously exercise their skills and knowledge.

West South West – You cannot save money with a septic tank in this zone. Children will not score good marks in this zone.

West – Septic tanks in the west are inauspicious, disturbing the profitable growth. At times, property-related problems may also occur. 

West North West – Septic tanks can be located here as it helps release blocked emotions from the mind of occupants of such space.

North West – Here, a septic tank will reduce and make it difficult to get help and support quickly. It also reduced their bank balance.

North North West – A septic tank here leads to loss of attraction between spouses for each other. 

North – Septic tanks in this zone causes career-related problems. People get no opportunities to earn money and move ahead in life.

North North East – A septic tank in this zone leads to poor immunity. Users fail ill regularly and take longer to recover. 


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