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Vastu for Goodwill

Vastu For Goodwill

The central principle of Vastu is to achieve a balance in the science of direction by combining the five elements of nature: air, water, earth, space, and fire, with the sole objective of enhancing health, wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

Animals and birds have been designated as goodwill symbols in Vastu Shastra. It is stated that these creatures can destroy evil forces, and keeping them close to you allows you to focus on your purpose without being distracted.

Vastu Tips For Goodwill

  • South Zone is the zone of Fame & Relaxation. This zone’s balanced state secured your fame and relaxation. You can display your awards and certificates in this zone, red light candles, set red vases, or decorate with red, orange, purple, pink, or bright yellow accents. These aspects will assist you in realizing your goals and achieving the fame you desire. It would help if you avoided shades of water and metal in this direction.
  • East South East is also called the contemplation, analysis, and commitment zone. The energy of this zone imparts depth to your thought and gives you a deeper understanding of things. The balance of this zone is essential. Otherwise, you will end up being burdened by baseless doubts and fears.

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