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Vastu for department problems

Vastu For Departmental Problems

Any small office or store may face specific departmental issues by the government, such as income tax, GST, frequent notices by government departments, work delays, your file not getting approval, etc. This may get a bit frustrating and hectic at times. And may further affect your attitude towards work and a general store or office functioning.

Vastu for departmental problems may assist you in getting relief from all these problems. A good vastu for office will ensure that your business will no longer face specific issues by the government departments and will boost its productivity.

Vastu Tips To Overcome Departmental Problems

    • South East is the zone of fire. It is highly advised to avoid entrances in this zone. No wire bundle should be there in this zone. If so, then you may face tax raids and other such activities.
    • The balance of the South West zone is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of your department. The energy of this zone gives much-needed sharpness to all your skills, which helps generate productivity.
    • The absolute balance of the North North West zone is necessary. This zone has the presence of Naag Asur. Avoid the application of red paint in this zone.
    • If you have a camera in the East South East zone, this will also have disastrous effects. Remove the camera immediately from this zone.
    • Balance of the west zone is necessary to ensure no departmental hurdles from the government.
    • North West balance will also prove to be fruitful for you. Place the Ashoka pillar and sword in this direction for better results.
    • North North-West balance is a must. Avoid the application of red and yellow colours in this direction. Make sure there are no toilets in this zone.
    • Balance the east zone and ensure there are no toilets. There should not be an E5 entrance or Surya Devta’s place in this zone.
  • The overall fire balance of the factory is necessary. If not, you will receive interruptions more often from various government departments.
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