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vastu for drawing room

Vastu For Drawing Room

How to Locate Your Drawing Room for Desired Results?

The drawing is an integral part of the house that determines whether it is suitable for a living—the house area where the members spend most of their time and where guests are entertained.

The correct vastu dictates your fate for the drawing room. The drawing room is always the home’s focal point, and we all want to make it as beautiful as possible. However, it is not only about the decoration and style of the space; it must also have a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. As a result, it’s critical to carefully design your drawing room to radiate pleasant energy and support healthy interactions.

Vastu Tips for Drawing Room

What are the Different Drawing Room Zones and their Effect on Our Life?


  • North East – A drawing room here makes the nature of discussions lean towards religious matters. The inhabitants are more likely to develop contact with religious people.

  • East North East – Guests and visitors are well entertained, and the person enjoys family meetings.

  • East – This is the perfect zone for a drawing-room. People meeting in such drawing rooms develop an understanding, which matures over time. Social bonds that are formed in this zone are lasting.

  • East South East – Meetings taking place in this zone are fruitless as this is the zone of churning. Discussions that are held here do not reach any useful conclusions.

  • South East – Although meetings taking place in this zone give positive results, the discussions are far from being peaceful. 

  • South South East – Meetings in this zone will always be full of agreements, and discussions will be peaceful and graceful.

  • South – It gives more relaxed meetings.

  • South South West – This is the zone of disposal. If the drawing-room lies in this zone, there will be financial losses.

  • South West – Discussions taking place here will involve more family matters, relationships, ancestors, and stability in a career as well as in life as a whole.

  • West South West – In this zone, people will talk more about education and government-related issues.

  • West – Meetings in this zone will be more productive and fruitful.

  • West North West – Such drawing rooms will be used more for catharsis. The inhabitants of such houses will keep telling the visitors about problems, voids, difficulties, and so on being faced by them in their lives.

  • North West – Meetings involving negotiations will be fruitful for the inhabitants. Ask for help sitting in this drawing-room, and visitors will find it difficult to turn it down.

  • North North West – Drawing rooms in this zone affects the users so that they keep meeting and helping others without actually getting monetary benefits for themselves. However, they will be able to discuss topics of their choice and draw pleasure from them.

  • North – When people discuss some topics sitting in this location, all of a sudden, new opportunities for making money emerge that involve the skills and capabilities of all the people involved in the discussion.

  • North North East – Inhabitants will get tips for better health from the visitors. 


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