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Vastu for family harmony

Vastu For Family Harmony

Family bonding and value systems are the most critical factors in social institutions in all cultures worldwide. If family bonding and value systems are distorted, life becomes depressing and dislocated. It gets filled with insecurities, and the growth of all the family members is hampered. Making a home is to maintain family bonding and the value system intact to lead a successful life.
Family bonding, love, relationships and vansh vriddhi, in vastu for family harmony, is controlled by the zone of ancestry, namely the southwest zone. Suppose in a home; marriages are getting delayed. If married life is disturbed, family harmony is upset, or difficulties in childbirth or bonding and value have weakened, this is the prime zone in which we focus.
As per the understanding of Vedic knowledge of life, skill is transferred from father to one; namely, it gets transferred genetically. That is why this zone is also considered the zone of skill. For maintaining family harmony and bonding, skill is required more than emotions. Family bonding and skills are distorted if this zone is disturbed due to a toilet or a cut. Then you feel bonding is strained and no efforts prove fruitful for maintaining the family bonding.
In such situations, you must first confirm by applying the 4-steps of Panch Vastu. If indeed symptoms match precisely with the location of activities or objects in that zone. If symptoms match 100%, apply Panch Vatu’s techniques to restore family bonding and harmony. Generally, apart from elemental balancing, a family photograph of happier times and a pair of love birds are the most common and effective remedies suggested by our vastu consultant for this purpose.

Vastu Tips For Family Harmony

Panch Vastu Suggestion for a Harmonious Family


North East – This zone should be in balance for a harmonious family. Avoid construction of toilets in this zone. Also, make sure that the zone is free of clutter and storage. This is the zone of wisdom and meditation – foresight, intuition, vision, and inspiration all come from this zone. The energy of this zone brings clarity to the thought process, apart from calming the mind. 


South West is the zone of marriage, family harmony, bonding, and stability in life and relationships. The energy of this zone gives meaning to your relationships. Avoid the placement of plants and toilets in this zone. Furthermore, avoid the application of green color in this zone. Placing a family photograph with a golden frame helps foster harmonious relations among family members. 


South – The balance of this zone is essential. This zone helps to re-energize your body and mind. After a long day at work that has left you exhausted and drained, you should relax in this zone. Your mind and body will be recharged. Having a good mood positively impacts your family’s harmonious relations. Avoid the construction of toilets and the application of blue and black colors.


South East – This is the zone of fire. Therefore, the balance of this zone is important. The spark of life and energy comes from this zone. Just like the south zone, you should avoid the construction of toilets in this zone. Also, make sure to avoid the application of blue or black color.


North West – Balance of this zone is crucial for prosperous family harmony. Avoid the construction of toilets and the application of red and green colors. This zone enables you to gather any form of support for future use. The North West zone generates the energy that attracts support and helps people for any cause you pursue.


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