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Vastu for accident

Vastu For Accidents

Labour accidents are the most unfortunate incident in any industrial setting. In most situations, it is determined that accidents occur when the building’s northeast side is raised and higher than the southwestern side. Make sure that the North East is not burdened or restricted. The North East is higher and irritates the Vaastu Purush.


The positioning of toilets in the building construction should be checked; if it comes from the northeast, it is a significant vastu flaw. For the inmates of the building structure, toilets in the northeast increase the risk of accidents and multiple surgeries.


Vastu Tips To Prevent Accidents

  • Vastu shastra mentions that if the entrance door is located in the North-East zone, i.e., at Shikhi’s place, it leads to fire in the building, accidents, losses, and other disastrous effects. It may have different products, such as a person may become aggressive and short-tempered.

  • North East is the zone of wisdom and meditation. Therefore, entrances in this zone are strictly prohibited. This zone is the place of Shiva’s trinitrate, which is a sign of destruction if it opens up by an entrance. A perfect balance of this zone is necessary.

  • South East is the zone of fire. It is highly advised to avoid entrances and toilets in this zone. If you enter this zone, it will lead to accidents, fear of theft, and litigation.
  • The overall fire imbalance of your building is necessary to prevent further factory accidents. Avoid Blue and Black colours in the fire direction of your building, i.e., from South East to the south direction.
  • Accidents and losses frequently occur when the fire element is disturbed or affected by white, grey colour, or space element.

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