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Psychic Number 2

Psychic And Destiny Number 2

Numerology Number 2 – The planetary equivalent of number 2 is the Moon, representing a woman, domesticity, helpfulness, cycles, instability, and deliberation. It symbolises building into form, the second deliberate act (after creation). It is feminine and so represents a woman. It is emotional and intuitive. It represents the law of cooperation. It is slow and warm in temperament. The other side of this number shows timidity, deceit, and secrecy. Number 2 is a number of cooperation, service, relativity and adaptability.

People born on the 2, 11, 20, and 29 of any month are governed by the number 2 and ruled by “Moon. These people are primarily fair, having round faces and curly hair; their lower body is more attractive than their upper body. As the fundamental nature of the moon is to stay calm, people born with these numbers are also calm & quiet. They try to be cooperative and maintain balance, diplomacy & harmony. The moon brings prosperity, respect & honour to the number 2 people. These people are generally peacemakers. Generally, they do not enter into any conflicts or controversies with anybody. They are romantic, sensitive, emotional & sensual.


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