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vastu for labour problems

Vastu For Labour Problem

For any business owner, starting a new firm is a huge challenge. It isn’t easy to distinguish yourself in a market with many competitors. A factory may face specific labour issues such as lack of coordination among labourers, inefficient work, lack of skilled and technical staff, staff retention, and much more.


A place with a Vaastu dosh shadow will never yield positive outcomes. Staffing and labour, management, partner, and other industry-related issues will always arise. So come to us for Vastu advice for offices, buildings, households, industries, and other commercial establishments. With us, you can expect guaranteed results.


Vastu Tips For Labor Problems

  • The S4 entrance of your building should be open. This is to ensure that industries in such plots are highly successful. This entrance also benefits your home, and the family is blessed with more sons. A factory at this entrance ensures greater productivity, and the labour works well.

  • West South West is the zone of knowledge, education, and assistance. If this zone is balanced, it ensures greater returns and improved performance with less effort. Balance of this zone is necessary for recruiting technical and skilled staff.

  • If your labour is unsupportive, you must balance the North West zone. This zone enables any form of help and support for future use. The energy generated by this zone attracts support and helps people for any cause you pursue. 

  • According to vastu, the element of fire plays a crucial part in your life. The overall fire balance is necessary to ensure no labour problems in your factory. This will also ensure no labour protests. Red, orange and pink colours are advised to be applied in this zone.

  • Put the attendance register of your factory in the North West zone.

  • The seat of the union leader is to be placed in the North West zone to ensure the support of the labourers. If the labour of your factory is happy and satisfied, then production is guaranteed to you. 

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