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Vastu for Sales Department

Vastu For Sales Department

The sales department is the heart of any business or corporate. The biggest challenge it faces is irregular sales or sales not happening at all. This feels disheartening, but all problems have solutions, and at Panch Vastu, we provide vastu for the sales department. Another area of worry for the sales department is terrible marketing, further deteriorating the situation. Poor advertising or no awareness regarding the product may also lead to rigorous effects. 

At Panch Vastu, we understand the importance and integrity of your business. Therefore we provide Vastu solutions to improve that. Vastu can also save your brand value from getting low and boost up if your sales team is unwilling to work. A good Vastu will bring back your company’s goodwill and reputation. 

Vastu Solutions for the Sales Department

The sales team should face the north zone in the south to welcome and attract customers. Avoid the usage of any blue or black colour in the south zone. Any storeroom should not be constructed in the south zone. Furthermore, avoid the construction of any toilets in the south and north zone; if there is one, seek a Vastu remedy to rectify it. 

It is also essential to balance the fire element in your office building. I prefer red, pink, and orange colours in the south direction. For furniture, wood should be given preference. Avoid the application of red colour in the north zone. These simple Vastu tips will help you get some relief. Abhishek Bansall’s Vastu knowledge will enlighten you for a complete Vastu solution.


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