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A Vastu consultant suggests using light and soothing colors for a calming and relaxing mind. Avoid black or dark tones of color because it may produce depression or tension. Choose different colors for each direction as per direction to get the most out of it.

The perfect alignment can vary from house to house, and as per individual requirements, thus you should always consult a vastu advisor for it. But in general, the following is considered the most suitable-

  • Master bedroom in West
  • Living room in East-North-East
  • Guest bedroom in South-South-West
  • kid’s room in South-West
  • Kitchen in South-East
  • Bathrooms in West-North-West 

Symbols for Vastu shastra are specially designed devices to radiate positive energy around them. These are different types to attain better health, finance, harmony, etc. Some Vastu items  are the Vastu pyramid, Hanumanji statue/poster, laughing buddha, swastika, om, etc. Your Vastu consultant can guide which symbol is suitable for you.

Yes. Vastu shastra can provide the property’s occupants with improved luck, health, and money.

Yes, in Vastu shastra, the internal organization of household objects is equally important. Inside the house, the placement of the bed, mirrors, cooking ovens, children’s study tables, and other items is equally important in creating a Vastu-compliant home.

The Tulsi plant is thought to be particularly lucky. You can also grow a variety of other beneficial plants to the environment. Avoid thorny bushes since they obstruct your progress.

There is no precise picture to choose or reject; the orientation of your drawing room determines it. However, avoid any image that elicits negative emotions such as loneliness or sadness. Instead, pick a photo that makes you feel wonderful. You can choose from family photos or gorgeous scenery. Body statues that are broken or unfinished should also be avoided.

If you live on the same property, on a different floor, you can rent it out easily. Consult a Vastu consultant, if the property is large enough. Renting the same floor may cause your house’s energies to be disrupted.

That’s a simple task. It’s the direction you’re facing as you exit the house through the front door.

Placing the compass in the house’s center and marking the north direction first, the remaining ones are the proper approach to note the plot’s direction.

Yes, the main door serves as the house’s threshold. You may assure that you only connect with the positive energy of the cosmos by using the correct Vastu analysis.

Yes, some Vastu defects can cause considerable marital delays. If you have such a problem in your home, you should have a Vastu analysis as soon as possible.

Worshipping regularly helps in the development of positive energy in a home. However, it is not a substitute for Vastu Shastra, its significance. Because a house’s Vastu flaw creates negativity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worship alone is insufficient; you must strengthen your defences with the help of Vastu shastra.

The severity of the flaw determines it. Minor problems can usually be rectified entirely with simple solutions, and a skilled Vastu consultant can considerably help you get rid of a severe defect.

We spend most of our days indoors these days (at home, in an office, in a factory, etc.). As a result, ensuring that the property is Vastu compliant aids in the channeling of positive energies and eliminates negative energies.

In your home, the number of doors are not important. The important thing is that the entrance doors should be placed on positive entrance locations as per vastu shastra. 

There is not a bad effect observed of having a magic eye on the main entrance. It is allowed as per vastu shastra.

Yes. Vastu has an impact on people of all ages. Children are very vulnerable to the Vastu of their surroundings. As a result, a Vastu analysis of children’s rooms is strongly advised.

No. Vastu shastra is an ancient vedic science that influences people’s daily lives regardless of religion, caste, creed, race, country, culture, gender or beliefs.

Panch Vastu was founded by Guruji Abhishek Bansall. Millions of his followers have seen him demonstrate the one-of-a-kind route to happiness. Contact our Vastu consultant and manifest your dreams.

Panch Vastu should be used in your home, workplace, factory, mall, hospital, schools, hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces or any other structure where a person lives or works. If you own a company, you must implement in-house and office to obtain maximum benefits.

Panch Vastu is a simple yet effective method of connecting, balancing, and channeling cosmic energy in your home or office. Based on the purpose of the building, the advice you receive is unique and customized.

You should sleep for 6–8 hours with your head resting in the south or east direction. 

  To avail of Panch Vastu services-


1. You can call us on +91 9557133000 or


2. Visit our website and book your appointment online.


  • Based on your goals, you will get a personalised consultation.
  • There will be no structural changes
  • Easy to do remedies
  • Advice that avoids the need of demolition and reconstruction.
  • It can be used in a home, a factory, or any other site, owned or rented.
  • Adopt once and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life.
  • In 21–90 days, you can experience the fulfilment of your goals.

Once you adopt 100% guidance, you shall experience positivity in 21 – 90 days.

Panch Vastu’s advice is unique to each person and based on their goals. Each person’s success mantra for living a happy life is different.

You will be able to balance five elements in your home or office and right activity, object in the right direction after you embrace Panch Vastu. This allows each family member to have a positive experience in each of their life stages, including school, profession, marriage, love, money, and health.

Numerology, or the study and interpretation of significant numbers in our lives, can help guide a person through life’s invisible hazards, guide them to the breathtaking cornerstones of human achievement, and, in general, assist a person in better understanding their life.

For home vastu consultation, All you need is to come with a Floor Plan of your building and a list of your Problems or Goals that you are not successful in achieving. (Building Plans and List of Problems / Goals – these two things are most important for an effective and productive meeting.) If you don’t have a building plan, it is better to draw it yourself for the first meeting (online/offline) with Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall.

We have a scheduled meeting (online/offline) for an office consultation. Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall concludes which area of your building needs a more detailed Vastu survey and analysis to avoid demolitions and re-constructions. Only an accurate Vastu analysis done on a To-The-Scale plan of your building helps to make the right decisions.

For factory vastu consultation, you need to come with a Floor Plan of your factory building and a list of your Issues or Goals that you are not successful in achieving. If you don’t have a building plan, it is better to draw it yourself for the first meeting (online/offline) with Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall. After this, you will be assisted by our vastu consultant for the further process.

You must bring a floor plan of your corporate building and a description of your problems or goals that you have not been able to achieve for a corporate vastu consultation. If you don’t have a construction plan, it’s best to draw one yourself before meeting with Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall (online/offline). Our vastu expert will then assist you with the rest of the process.

We have a scheduled appointment (online/offline) for new house consultation. Abhishek Bansall, our Vastu Consultant, determines which areas of your building require a complete Vastu survey. Only an accurate Vastu analysis of your building’s To-The-Scale layout can help you make the best decisions.

To get a vastu consultation before moving to a new house or office, you need to get a floor plan of the house or office you are shifting to. Based on this, our vastu consultant, Abhishek Bansall, will suggest some practical vastu solutions for your new house/office. Visit our consultation page to know more. 

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