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Vastu for Big Sale

Vastu For Big Sale

Retail stores developed according to Vastu Shastra principles are more prosperous. Vastu provides precise recommendations for a shop’s interior layout, entry, exteriors, and space organization to attract more customers, increase profits, and give the owners peace of mind.

In the meantime, while working for business growth for different people, from different cultures, around the world, Vastu Consultant Abhishek Bansall found that whatever philosophy people might adopt for their customers, Panch Vastu works equally well everywhere on the planet.

According to his observations, certain places in a market naturally force customers to buy from those places. If not to that degree, it can create an effect similar to the impact in any space if earth’s energies and energy fields do not vary too much.

These guidelines are universally applicable to all kinds of businesses. Earlier, these Panch Vastu techniques were used by only prominent industrialists and large business houses. But today, everyone can avail benefits of these scientific and Vedic Vastu shastra techniques. You can help the benefits of these incredible vastu techniques for starting a new or an existing business.

Simply applying Panch Vastu Techniques can increase the orders and improve your sales to unprecedented levels. Practically, placing a green plant in the north zone and elemental balancing through Tattva-Shuddhi prove instrumental in boosting sales and money.

Vastu Tips for Big Orders and Sales

  • Place green scenery in the north direction to attract more potential customers. 
  • Place your store’s high-value or highly profitable items in the North North West direction. This will lead to impulsive buying in retail stores or malls.
  • Balance the South East direction and place a pair of red horses. South East is the fire zone, and a perfect balance of this zone will ensure more sales and orders.
  • The owner’s seating should be placed in the north direction of the shop/office. North is the zone of money and opportunities. Therefore, seating in this zone will ensure new orders and boost sales.
  • Avoid storage of items in the South East zone and can store them in the North West direction.
  • Avoid the placement of a dustbin in the South East direction. The customer won’t buy or be satisfied with the product.
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