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Vastu for store roomv

Vastu For Store Room

Do not think the store room is less important than other rooms in the house. The vastu for storeroom is to accumulate various household articles likely to be used in the future. Anything that is not being used presently is usually kept in the store. It represents the earth element. Accordingly, it can produce different emotions when placed in different zones described below.

Vastu Tips For Store Room

What are the different zones for storeroom locations?

  • North East- This zone of clarity should always be clean of anti-elements. A store in this zone can lead to blockage of mind, dilemmas, and indecisiveness, thus affecting the inhabitants’ personality adversely and, therefore, should be avoided.
  • East North East – This zone will cause lethargy. The inhabitants will draw pleasure from the collection of useless articles. They will procrastinate and delay their work. Whenever there is a celebration or moments of happiness, they feel detached from what is happening and cannot enjoy life.
  • East – A store in this zone hampers the social connectivity of the inhabitants. They count their relations with the outer world as less important or useless. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to develop social ties. 
  • East South East – A store can be located in this zone. A store in this zone reduces anxiety and the unwanted flow of thoughts that cause tensions in life.
  • South East – A store in this zone slows down the inflow of money. For business people, this store slows down expansion, which slows down the flow of money and business houses find it difficult to recover their money. 
  • South South East – This zone gives a feeling of power, confidence, and security. So, a store in this zone is good.
  • South– This zone relaxes the mind. It removes unwanted fears. It also indicated power due to their stored relations in the past.
  • South South West – All those things which are almost of no use can ideally be kept in the store made in this zone. However, the storage of valuable goods should be avoided here. 
  • South West – Care should be taken with a store in this zone, lest it should contain junk/damaged/waste goods. Storage of valuable or earned goods should be made here; particularly, instruments of your skill should be placed here. 
  • West South West – This is also a perfect location for a store room. Remember not to store any junk or waste in this zone; only valuable articles should be stored here. 
  • West– In this zone, it gives secured gains to occupants. If any junk material is stored here, then the person will make gains into junk.
  • West North West – A store here provides inner confidence, blocks low moods, and empowers the mind to face adverse emotional states. So this is a good place for a store. 
  • North West – This is an ideal place for a store. Any goods can be put here. It secures the bank position of the occupants. A store in this zone brings helpful people into their life.
  • North North West – A store in this zone reduces interest in sex. A junk store in this zone will increase females seeking male companionship outside their homes. 
  • North – A store in this zone hampers career growth and the inflow of money. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to construct a storeroom in this zone
  • North North East – A store in this zone can adversely affect the inhabitant’s health and should be avoided.

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