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Vastu for Pooja Room in House | Tips and Remedies on Direction, Design, Colour etc In 2022

vastu for pooja room
Vastu for Pooja room

Vastu for the pooja room is strongly recommended since this room is an epicentre of all the positive energy. Due to a shortage of space or other constraints, having a pooja room or a mandir in the home is an effective way to keep negative energies away.

As your puja room is the most sacred part of the house, it is vital in determining the home’s overall vastu. Many people have questions about Vastu for Pooja Room, such as “which direction to place the temple in,” “optimal location for the idols,” “where to place the temple if there is no dedicated puja room,” and much more. 

Therefore, to make things easier for you, we have collated some of the most essential pooja room vastu tips for your home, which we will share in this blog. 

Vastu as per home

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Table of Contents

Why Is Vastu For Pooja Room Important?

vastu for pooja room important
vastu for pooja room important

The puja room is a separate area of the house where we keep our deities and other puja items and offer prayers to the gods.

A pooja room can be built near or in the drawing room. It channels positivity in the house.

Most residential buildings in big cities lack a distinct puja area, where space is a big issue. Furthermore, many people do not prioritise having a separate puja room. 

However, Vastu specialists advise against it. It is, however, a good idea to designate a distinct best location for the pooja room.

It allows us to focus more on worship, but it also makes it easier to connect with divine forces.

We are now all aware that positive and negative energies surround us. The correct Vastu for Pooja Room is critical in deciding the type of energy we can harness in our environment.

According to vastu shastra, the pooja room is the central hub of all positive energy. As a result, the Vastu for the Puja Room must be perfect.

This ensures that the negative energies around the house are mitigated, and our prayers are most fruitful. In the long run, this will lead to a healthy, happy, and prosperous existence.

What Principles Of Vastu For Pooja Room Apply?

vastu for pooja room home
vastu for pooja room home

Vastu for Pooja Room is a detailed analysis considering several factors related to the puja room and its contents.

It primarily considers the temple’s optimal placement zone, followed by the location of the pooja room in the house interiors.

The following are some of the most basic and essential Vastu principles. These are some of them:

  • Maintaining a clean puja room at all times.
  • Broken or chipped idols or photographs should be discarded.
  • Assuring that the puja space has sufficient light.
  • Ensuring that the puja room isn’t cluttered.
  • When doing Vastu for Puja Room, a Vastu specialist usually lists all major Vastu guidelines.

Let us look at the Vastu for pooja room based on its location in each direction.

What Are The Different Placements Of Vastu for Pooja Room In Various Zones?​

vastu for pooja room direction
vastu for pooja room direction

The most crucial part of Vastu for Pooja Room is how the puja room must be positioned. Each direction, according to Vastu shastra, indicates something unique.

We’ll look at how the Vastu for a Puja Room differs in the eight prime directions as per vastu, namely the North, South, East, and West are the main cardinal directions, while North-West, North-East, South-West, and South-East are the four diagonal directions as per vastu.

North-East Zone 

This zone is known as the Ishanya zone and is considered Lord Shiva’s zone. Any god can be worshipped in this zone’s puja room. As a result, it is the most promising location for the puja room. This placement improves the house vastu, allowing you to access divine energy and live a happy life.

Restrict from using red colour cloth in your puja room as it will lead to anxiety issues. Worshipping here gives mental clarity and divine guidance. A pooja room can be built in your factory in a similar direction. It brings gains, profits and success.

West-North-West Zone

This zone is ideal for Yakshini puja. However, remember that other kinds of pujas must be avoided in this zone, as they will lead to adverse effects. 

East-North-East Zone 

This zone is ideal for worshipping Radha Krishna. This zone helps one to cope with stress in daily life easily. You feel fresh quickly and are recharged with energy.

East Zone 

This zone can be considered a good location for a puja room. Pooja room vastu for the east-facing house is ideal for persons who occupy a high-ranking position in their company and want to be recognized for their efforts. This zone is the perfect place for Ram Darbar

East-South-East Zone 

Puja for a commoner is not advisable in this zone. This zone creates restlessness and anxiety, but it makes wise investments for some specific kinds of people. In this zone, puja is only recommended for stockbrokers. Other people must refrain from worshipping in this zone. 

South-East Zone 

If your family worships the deity Durga, you can place your puja room in the South-East zone. Please avoid using this location to worship other gods because it may cause financial hardship or put residents at risk of accidents.

South-South-East Zone 

This is the zone of power and confidence. Therefore, performing Hanuman Puja in this zone gives you energy, strength and confidence. 

South Zone

The Vastu for pooja room in the south-facing house is ideal for meditation and Goddess Kali devotion. It gives the worshipper a fruitful consequence. However, don’t worship other gods or goddesses in this zone because it won’t be successful or profitable.

South-West Zone

As it is the polar opposite of the North-East zone, it has few rules for worship. In this zone, you can perform Vishwakarma Puja. The Pitra zone is located in the South-West and is perfect for completing any rites for the family’s ancestors.

Otherwise, please stay away from it because it could hinder cash flow. The effects of the pooja room in the southwest corner are immense if adequately taken care of. No god worship is allowed here; it leads to a loss in business and family problems. 

West-South-West Zone 

This is the devoted zone of Maa Saraswati. Worshipping the goddesses in this zone gives knowledge and wisdom. All the consultants, students and people of high intellect jobs must worship in this zone. 

West Zone

The west zone is also recommended for a puja space. It is the Gurus’ domain. Worship of Baba Loknath, Sai Baba, Mahavir Jain, Gautam Buddha, Sikh gurus, and others are among them. You can also worship Jesus in this area. In the vastu for pooja room in west facing house, Lord Vishnu or any god can be honoured here. This zone is also ideal for worshipping mother earth, providing abundance and financial gains.

North-West Zone 

This area can be used to honour the family’s deceased ancestors. However, do not pray to any deity, god, or goddess in this zone. 

North Zone

Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are best worshipped in the north zone. In the vastu for pooja room in west facing house, do not worship any other gods or goddesses here. This orientation can also be considered for office and factory temples because these deities are associated with financial prosperity and expansion.

South-South-West Zone 

In this zone, only Aghori puja is allowed. However, ordinary people must refrain from worshipping here, as it causes losses in business and personal life.

 As you can see, contrary to popular perception, any direction can be used for worship as long as the Vastu laws are followed. Contact a vastu consultant if you require additional explanation or Vastu advice.

If you have a multi-story property, avoid putting the temple in the basement or terrace area. Placing it on the ground level is recommended for Vastu in the Puja Room.

Design Your Pooja Room Mandir Vastu Guidelines​

vastu for pooja room design
vastu for pooja room design

If you plan to build a puja room, you should follow some Vastu principles to ensure the ideal Vastu for the Puja Room.

To better channel positive vibrations, ensure the puja area has a low ceiling. A ceiling in the shape of a pyramid or gopura is the most appropriate.

If you face any queries, feel free to approach our best vastu consultant.

If you plan a new house, remember that the pooja room should be vastu compliant. Ensure proper placement of the pooja room in your new home.

How To Place The Idols Or Pictures Of Gods In Vastu for Pooja Room?

best vastu for pooja room
best vastu for pooja room

Each temple houses either divine idols or paintings or both. It is generally recommended to retain idols not taller than 7 inches.

Make sure that all idols or photos face the same way. It’s also essential to make sure this alignment doesn’t point in the pooja room door direction, as per vastu.

It would be best if you positioned the idols/pictures to face either West or South. It is also acceptable to face East but avoid facing North.

Furthermore, it would help if you faced either the North or east side of the pooja room size as per vastu. As a result, your worship will be boosted.

Make sure the platform is not directly against the walls. Maintain a small gap to allow free energy flow throughout the space and improve the Vastu for the Pooja Room.

How To Place The Pooja Cabinet And Other Holy Objects In Vastu For Pooja Room?

vastu for pooja room in house
vastu for pooja room in house

Apart from god’s idols and portraits, we require various other items to pray for. Hence, their placement comes under the Vastu for Pooja Room.

These are any items that are required during worship. Incense sticks, matchboxes, Diyas, praying bells, Kalash, holy water (Ganga Jal), oil and cotton for lamps, tools for making and keeping Prasad, flowers, etc., are some of the essential five things to keep in the pooja room.

In the Puja room, you should never encourage clutter. As a result, it’s better to keep them all together in the puja room cabinet. To improve the Vastu for Pooja Room, place this cabinet in either the West or South Zone of the house.

What Kind Of Lightning Should You Have In The Vastu for Pooja Room?

vastu for pooja room north facing house
vastu for pooja room north facing house

The Puja room must have at least one window to provide appropriate lighting. If you have the space, add more.

The windows allow energy to flow and circulate freely. It also allows daylight to enter during the day, bringing the sun’s beneficial energy. It can improve the vastu for pooja room in flats.

Place the windows on the North or east sides for optimum results. Make sure to use a lamp after sunset to keep the area illuminated.

What Colors Are Appropriate For The Vastu for Pooja Room?

vastu for pooja room colors
vastu for pooja room colors

Vastu colours for a puja room are essential in determining the overall Vastu for a pooja room north of your house. Vastu experts say their directional zone defines the best vastu colours for pooja rooms.

Light colours are the finest choice for a puja area since they allow for better channelling of positive energy and create a perfect environment for offering prayers.

According to Vastu gurus, the cream is the best vastu colour for pooja rooms. It can be used to paint the interiors of the puja room regardless of the zone in which it is located.

However, white colour works can be considered for the pooja room in the North-East zone. You can visit a Vastu guru to determine the appropriate colours for additional zones.

If you are shifting to a new house, remember not to store too many things or other stuff in your pooja room. Keep it neat, clean and tidy.

Vastu For Pooja Room - Conclusion

We hope that these vastu tips for pooja room will help bring peace and prosperity to your life. The elegance of the puja room depends on its proper location. Therefore, make sure you have the right one.

Contact us at Panch Vastu if you want a complete Vastu for the pooja room from the greatest Vastu guru.

With his extensive 15 years of expertise, Abhishek Bansall, the best vastu consultant for pooja room in house, is always glad to assist you.

To know more interesting updates from Panch Vastu, visit our social media pages below.

FAQ's Related To Vastu For Pooja Room

In the pooja room the gods should face the south west direction.

The south west direction is not good for making pooja rooms. But the gods should face this direction.

Yes, you can keep your mandir in your bedroom or kitchen. There are no negative effects as such.

For a north east pooja room, avoid the use of any red color cloth in the mandir. You can use cream and white colors instead. Also, avoid placing too many god idols in your pooja room.

Yes, the pooja room can be made right in front of the main door.

In a house, a pooja area must be located in the north east direction.

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