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vastu for staff retention

Vastu For Staff Retention

Even in a small office or shop, creating a great work environment where workers can be content, happy, and comfortable is vital. It is challenging to retain the existing staff. This is where vastu steps in.

Vastu for staff retention and hiring people with the same skill sets as those required for a specific function or title can be difficult for any office. Even if you do all in your power, you may still be unable to find qualified staff for a small office.

Vastu Tips to Prevent Staff Retention

  • The balance of the fire zone is necessary, especially in the South East Zone. This zone governs cash liquidity. If this zone is imbalanced, it would be difficult for the office or shop to get hands-on with its profit. 

  • West South West is the zone of studies and savings. This zone prompts you to practice whatever you are repeatedly pursuing so that results improve with each attempt and you attain perfection. This zone has a significant role in hiring. Therefore, its perfect balance is necessary.  

  • South West is the zone of relationship skills; consequently, you must balance this zone. As it governs relationships, the employee relation may hinder if imbalanced.

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