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Manifests Your Dreams

Vastu for over head water tank

Vastu For Overhead Water Tank

A water tank is an essential resource for meeting daily water needs. The most important source of life is water. Human civilization has thrived in the presence of water sources from the dawn. The vastu for the water tank is an essential part of vastu shastra. When creating a home, you must pay particular attention to its placement.


The vastu of a water tank is a significant part of vastu shastra. When creating a home, you must pay particular attention to its placement. Let’s look at how it influences the vastu of the entire house in more detail.

Vastu Tips For Overhead Water Tank

Ideal Water Zone For Water Tank


South West to North West Zone- This is ideal for overhead water tanks. Refrain from constructing underground water tanks in this zone. Especially in the southwest zone, refrain from making any swimming pool and boring work. If these were built, it would lead to a drastic effect on you in which the male members of the family would die consequently. You may also suffer financial crises and instability in your life. 


North North West to East Zone – This is ideal for underground water tanks. Avoid constructing overhead water tanks in this zone. The construction of underground water tanks in this zone will bring prosperity to your life. You will get better money opportunities, health immunity, clarity of mind, and sexual attraction. Water tanks in these zones will help strengthen your social associations.


East South East to South Zone – Construction of overhead and underground water tanks is strictly prohibited in these zones. If you have a water tank in any of these zones, you will face anxiety issues and issues in cash liquidity. If a water tank is constructed in this zone, you may lose your power and confidence. South, which is the ideal relaxation zone, building a water tank will disturb your relaxation mode and bring more stress to your life.


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