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Numerology and Panchvastu



Numerology can assist in improving your life situations

  • Are you looking for growth in business, career, prosperity, and good health?
  • Are you waiting to experience eternal joy and happiness?
  • Are you looking for complete peace of mind?
  • Are you looking for a happy married life?


Do you want to become fortunate?

To manifest all the things mentioned above, meet the world’s best Numerologist Abhishek Bansall. Numerology can assist in improving your life situations. Discuss your problems with the best numerology consultant and find an adequate solution.


What is Numerology?

For over 10,000 years, numerology has effectively revealed the secrets of love, fortune, success, and happiness hidden within your inner self.

Starting with your name and birthday, numerology acts as a code to help you understand who you are, why you are here, and what lessons you can learn.

Numerology aids you in planning your future and taking a more active role in your life by following the patterns of monthly and yearly growth cycles. Renowned numerologist Abhishek Bansall lets you know about your life path number by showcasing and highlighting the numbers concerning your name and birthdate.

The beauty of combining numbers and human characteristics, as we do in numerology, is that they are naturally linked. There’s nothing random about associating the number 1 with creativity or innovation because 1 denotes the beginning, the origin, the first, and the birth in every language. Similarly, all single-digit numbers in numerology have a significance that immediately relates to our understanding of the rhythm of things.

Numerology can help you maximise your strengths while also assisting you in dealing with your problems.

The precision with which numerology science works is remarkable in detail and completeness.

Why is Numerology Essential for Your Life?

For generations, humans have been fascinated by numbers and their systems. Ancient philosophers discovered particular significance in numbers and identified beauty and, it appears, something heavenly in them.

In recent years, numerology has become increasingly popular. There are many number systems, each unique to each civilization. You can use numerology in your daily life to overcome many challenges that appear out of nowhere in a precise and measured manner.

Having the numerology service from the best numerologist in the world, Abhishek Bansall is to assists in having personalized suggestions for one’s life problems. However, we claim that the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance and relevance. Discover quick and straightforward techniques to increase your energy, minimize stress with Panch Vastu, and uncover remarkable details about your physical, mental, emotional, and ‘intuitive’ abilities.

  • Suggestion for adding Letters to empower your name to attract fortunes.
  • Observe your business grow by manifolds by having guided and suggested numbers for a business name and mobile numbers in line with your life path numbers.
  • Receive guidance for having money in the particular bank and bank account number to attract money and wealth.
  • Make your signature impactful and significant with numeric recommendations.
  • Have a consultation for the lucky days and dates to bring about the best results
  • Furthermore, know the preferred gemstones and colours that resonate with your life path number.

The Life Path, Birthdate, and Destiny numbers are significant numerology numbers. These are in charge of leading a person down the right (or wrong) track in life. If these numbers complement each other, we might claim that the person is fortunate.

In business and growth, numerology is very crucial. The company’s name is essential to the factors that influence a company’s overall success or failure. Panch Vastu calculates your fortune through their Basic Business Report,

According to numerologists, the letters of a person’s name have an impact on their personality, inner soul, and ultimate destiny. The Destiny Number and Personality Number are the two most important numbers in numerology. 

Numerology helps you learn more about your personality and motivations. It can help you better understand yourself and your strengths and flaws. This information can assist you in finding out which careers would be a good fit for you. When deciding on a career path,

Numerology for love and relationships is a powerful and excellent way to boost your romantic life. You can figure out if you and your partner are compatible and how to communicate harmoniously.

A Numerology Marriage Compatibility allows you to assess two people’s compatibility. This will enable the couple to determine their understanding of each other and their decisions in various areas of life.

“Personality &
Characteristics of Psychic Number”

The planetary equivalent of number 1 is the Sun symbolic of life-giving days,creation, vitality, new beginnings, and intellectual qualities.

The planetary equivalent of number 2 is the Moon, representing a woman, domesticity, helpfulness, cycles, instability, and deliberation.It symbolises …

The planetary equivalent of the number 3 is Jupiter, which symbolises good fortune, success, fame, material comfort, and happiness. 

The planet allotted to number 4 is Uranus, which shows activity and energy in life. This number shows hard work. It indicates the building of a firm foundation.

The planet of number 5, Mercury, is symbolic of speed, communications,changeability, temperament, writing, talking, travel, contracts, and radio.

The planet of number 6 is Venus. It represents beauty, art, decoration, sympathy and cooperation.It shows the law of material supply, and it brings …

The planetary equivalent of the number 7 is Neptune. It shows study, research, loneliness, aloofness, and mysticism. This number symbolises the law of …

Saturn, the planet associated with the number 8, deals with the law ofKarma. It deals with the occult, philosophy, and cultural development.

The planet concerned with this number is Mars, symbolising war, hottemper, arrogance, and strength. 

Your Personal Free Numerology Calculator

You may face burdens, sorrows, and failures if your Psychic and Destiny Number is incompatible with your Name. It is important to get compatibility as a certain vibration of a particular planet rules each numberHowever, you cannot change your Date of Birth, but you can change your Name for your betterment good luck. 

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We Help You in
Numerology is the logical

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers. It has been practiced for 10,000 years to fulfill all your desires and make your life prosperous.

No, Numerology is based on three factors: Name Number, Date of Birth Number, and a total of Date Number + Month Number + Year Number.

No, if two people share the exact date of birth, they won’t likely be sharing the same destiny, as they would have different names, which will have a more significant impact on the kind of destiny they are having. Factors like families and the environment they are brought up in also have a share in determining a person’s destiny. 

Numerology can improve your life in a variety of ways. It helps you know whether your date of birth is compatible with your name. Numerology can also help you determine favorable dates on which you can do your profitable tasks, which will bring growth and success for you. It further assists you in making the best decision on your lucky date.

The person’s Destiny Number determines their lucky career. Each number in numerology represents a different career field, and it is advisable to choose your career according to that particular number. 

For calculations, the spelling of your name that is often used and what others call you will be considered. If you use the name stated on the certificate, you will be affected by the spelling.

No, every number has the potential to be both lucky and unlucky. They are always equivalent terms. According to a person’s date of birth, lucky or unlucky numbers are calculated.

Yes, you can correct your child’s name at any time. Numerology helps you to find a name for your child which is compatible with his/her date of birth..

If the Brand Name is lucky, the company will develop quickly. The Business Name should resonate well with the person’s or partner’s Destiny number in such circumstances.

As per Numerology, your relationship with any other person can be understood by looking into the relationship of the Planet of your Name Number, Psychic Number, and Destiny Number with that of other people.

There are two ways by which you can get Panch Vastu numerology consultation. First, is through our online reports. Second, you can meet our numerologist in person.

Panch Vastu numerology calculator works on a special algorithm. This algorithm has been developed by our numerologist and is a product of his 15 years of rigorous research. This numerology calculator checks the compatibility of your name with your date of birth.

For the consultation charges, you can visit our numerology consultation page. To know the charges, click here

Yes, we provide online numerology consultation.

All your numerology reports by Panch Vastu will be emailed to your given email id. The reports contain a detailed analysis by our numerologist. 

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