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Vastu for Sales and Orders

Vastu For Sales and Orders

The vastu for sales and orders guidelines can efficiently work for factory owners who choose where to select their warehouses and offices when searching for new locations. If you have been doing business from any space for more than five years and suddenly start feeling a decrease in customer footfall and flow of orders, you need not relocate yourself. With Panch Vastu’s suggestions, you can increase your sales and charges. Furthermore, placing a green plant in the north zone and elemental balancing through Tattva-Shuddhi prove instrumental in boosting sales and money. Production is the heart and soul of factories, and if it slows down, the factory may face losses. 


Vastu Tips for Sales and Orders

  • North is the direction of customers. Therefore, ensure no toilet, storeroom, or overhead water tank in this zone. Also, ensure that there is no application of yellow or red colour.

  • Keep the finished product in the northwest direction. This is the turnover direction.

  • Balance the north direction and place a pyramid in the centre. There should be no red and yellow colour in this direction.

  • South-East should be balanced. Avoid the application of any blue and black colours in this zone. Furthermore, there should be no boring underground water tank in this zone.

  • The overall fire balance is necessary. The fire imbalance will interrupt the sales and order process if not taken seriously. Avoid applying blue, black, and grey colours in the fire zone.

  • Additionally, you should also ensure that the water element is balanced.

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