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Vastu For Marriage

Vastu For Marriage

Every emotion within you is formed by the energy emitted through your home’s 16 zones or directions; as per Vastu Shastra, five elements (Panchtattva) – Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky — regulate these zones. These factors are responsible for producing a peaceful environment, which influences everything around us. When these elements are out of balance, opposing forces take precedence over positive forces, resulting in a field that harms your thoughts and actions and causes delays.

 Relationships, family, marriage, and life stability are all represented in the South-West zone. If this zone is disrupted by a toilet, anti-activity, or an anti-element, marriage will not only be delayed but may even be ruined. Strengthen the South-West zone first; if this corner is missing, marriage proposals will not be completed effectively. A kitchen in this location will also sabotage marriage prospects and disrupt existing relationships.

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How Do Vastu Faults Create Marriage Delays?

What is the reason for the delay in marriage? Why are children getting married so late these days? What are the zones responsible for such delays?

The first zone for vastu for marriage must be activated in this regard is the South-West, the zone of marriage and relationships, especially between husband and wife. The next most crucial zone is South East; it is the zone of fire that is mainly responsible for the occurrence of auspicious events. The South East zone should be treated as it has the sacred fire that binds two people in marriage. These are the two most essential zones for a wedding to take place.

The South West zone is about relationships, family, marriage, relationships, lineage, and ancestors. If it is disturbed by a toilet, anti-activity, anti-element, then it will not only delay marriage, it can even spoil a perfect one.

Strengthen the South-West first; if this corner is missing, then marriage proposals do not go through successfully. A kitchen in this zone will also wreck chances of marriage and disturb established relationships. The South East is fire, and the presence of blue color disturbs relationships. If this corner is cut or missing or if there is an anti-fire activity there, this will also delay marriage. In such cases, if an engagement has occurred, it will be broken off. The symptoms are like this: it will start well as the South West is fine, but the South East energy is poor, so it will not continue or end properly. 

No marriage can occur without support; this will come from a well-activated and healthy North West zone. This is the third critical zone for marriage matters. So, in this order, the following must be healthy: South West, South East, North West, West, and North East.


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